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What Belongs in Your Sarasota Storage Unit

When you move to Sarasota it can be difficult to decipher what to move into your home and what to keep in a storage unit, or what to throw out altogether. People need to store personal items in a storage unit for any number of reasons. The last thing you want to do is fills your new Sarasota home with junk. Local Sarasota movers, All My Sons want to help guide you into organizing your storage unit with a few do’s and don’ts to storing your belongings.

First off, local Sarasota movers want to help with what not to put in a storage unit:

  • Don’t place anything living in a storage unit. Captain Obvious over here right? Unfortunately some people try to live in their units or have placed their animals in one instead of into boarding or a shelter. This is very illegal and will put the animal in danger.

  • Do not store anything flammable. It is possible that the item could catch fire and burn everything in the unit. Not to mention the entire facility could catch fire and suffer extreme damage. Some examples of flammable items would include: batteries, paints, matches and lamp oil, motor oil, nail polish remover, fireworks, liquid bleach, and acid amongst other things.

  • Food. Food will not only go bad over time but it will also attract unwanted guests such as rats, roaches, ants, etc. who will destroy your other belongings.

  • Do not store anything of value such as personal documents, papers, and jewelry. While most storage facilities like, All My Sons Moving & Storage, have good security systems with cameras, there is always the possibility of theft from any unit. Also in case of fire the important belongings could be damaged.

  • Do not store firearms at a storage facility, even though laws vary from state to state regarding their storage. If you must keep the weapon in storage, you should keep it away from the ammunition and preferably in a locked case. Imagine if someone broke into a unit and stole a gun, what kind of hands that gun would be in.

Sarasota movers suggest the following items are good to place in a storage unit:

  • All furniture items such as beds, couches, and dining room tables can be stored in a unit. Be sure to make sure everything is wrapped properly and protected from scratches and other damages.

  • Dishes and silverware may safely store within the unit. As with all of your belongings you will want to make sure the dishes are well protected so they are not broken. Bubble wrap and/or newspaper make great cushioning for the dishes.

  • Appliances can also be kept in the storage unit, just be sure to wrap them to prevent damage. If you decide to store a fridge make sure to keep the door open to avoid mold from growing.

  • Non-valuable collectables can be safely stored within a unit, again make sure you have taken the necessary steps to protect them especially if they have sentimental value.