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6 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Space in your Sarasota Home

The moving company in Sarasota always says “There are eight corners in every room, and don’t ever forget that.” This is a very good point to keep in mind when you are making your living space look cozy, organized, and stylish no matter what the size is. The All My Sons of Sarasota have plenty of experience moving families, and we have picked up some tips regarding organization, layout and décor along the way. Here are a few tips and a little insight from the professional Sarasota movers on how to make the most out of all of the small spaces in your Sarasota home.

- A small room does not necessarily have to hold tiny furniture. Often times with a small space, people will avoid purchasing large furniture with the belief that it will dominate the room, which is not true. Sometimes a large sectional can be better than a small sofa and chair.

You should not become overly ambitious in your organizing endeavor. You should not purchase any organizing supplies until you know precisely what and how your items will need to be stored.

Strategically place mirrors and glass throughout your small living space to create reflections and to allow light to bounce around. To make a smaller space seem grand depends upon the maximizing of light. You can accomplish this with a glass coffee table instead of a solid wood one. You can also use mirrors as statement pieces or place them in corners; hanging art work in glass frames will create reflections, thus making your home look bigger.

Make sure that window dressings do not hinder light coming in when they are open. Make sure to hang curtains so that when they are open, the entire passage way is clear. Open curtains should fall beside the window and not obscure any of it. Do not hang the curtains on the inside of the window frame, and the Sarasota moving company suggests considering if you should hang the curtains from the ceiling rather than the top of the window frame. By doing so, you will create the illusion of height and a little drama to the space.

Think vertically whenever you’re hanging art or shelving or placing furniture. The moving company in Sarasota warns against letting vertical space go to waste. Properly utilizing vertical space in your designing is practical and will provide a display space for art or nick knacks, and it will lead the eye upwards, making the space appear more expansive than it actually is.

Choose the proper type of furniture. Make sure all of the furniture you put in your small living space has multi-functional uses or offers some extra storage for things that need a place to live, but are still easily accessible. Almost any additional piece of furniture should have additional storage. However, that does not mean your storage has to be boring; simply go online and look for creative yet minimal storage ideas.