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Tips for Packing Your Shoes

Packing for a move is the least fun part of moving. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could just teleport itself over to your new home? Your Sarasota local movers understand and are happy to help! That’s why we offer Sarasota packing services for our clients; we take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.

However, we also understand that sometimes no one packs your things better than you do, so the least we can do is offer tips for packing your shoes when moving. Making sure that your shoes are properly packed for your move will ensure that they are in the best condition when you unpack them and are ready to wear them again.

How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

Sarasota movers recommend the following five tips for packing your shoes for a move. Just be sure to follow them for an effortless moving experience!

1. Use packing paper. Packing paper will make sure to keep your shoes safe and in a good condition during the move. Boxes get bounced around while moving all the time, and packing paper ensures that your shoes won’t be unpacked with scuff marks or broken heals. Some people would say to just use newspaper, but that runs the risk of ink running and leaving a stain on some shoe materials.

2. Stuff your shoes. Filling your shoes with extra packing paper will also help them to maintain their form, especially if you’re placing a lot of shoes into one box. You can also stuff your shoes with socks for one less thing to pack!

3. Wrap your shoes. Wrapping your shoes in addition to using packing paper as a buffer in the box will help make sure that your shoes make the move unscathed as well.

4. Don’t pack all your shoes. Keep some shoes out that you’ll wear while you’re in the transition of moving. This saves space and also gives you something to wear. When you’re ready to pack the shoes, you can place them in a travel back or a smaller box.

5. Donate your shoes. Get rid of shoes that you’re not using anymore before you move!



Follow these tips for packing your shoes to make sure you make it to your new house with each pair unscathed. Our Trusted Sarasota movers know that parting with your belongings, even shoes, can sometimes be hard. We offer storage facilities for those need to have items that just can’t make the trip or be packed. With affordable pricing, renting a storage unit for unused or unpackable shoes can always be an option during your move too!