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Exciting Downtown Sarasota Neighborhoods: Laurel Park & Rosemary District

Looking for a place to call home in or near downtown Sarasota? Are you trying to avoid living in a high-rise? You are in luck! There are plenty of bright and colorful neighborhoods sprinkled around town that are attracting more and more residents every year.

Due to urban revitalization and gentrification in these areas, two neighborhoods, in particular, stand out as exciting places to live – Laurel Park and Rosemary District. Similar in their distinct atmospheres, these downtown Sarasota neighborhoods also share a few key differences.

Laurel Park – A Charming Community with Distinct Florida Style

Median Listing Price: $694,490


If you are looking to make your home in a close-knit community that embraces all the best characteristics of Florida hospitality and tropical esthetics, look no further than Laurel Park. One of the first low-income downtown Sarasota neighborhoods to go through urban renewal, the area is now known for being a perfect mixture of chic and charming.

One-of-a-kind multicolored houses and vintage bungalows are the defining features of this eccentric neighborhood. Walk around the peaceful streets and hidden alleyways and you’ll feel like your somewhere in Key West. Colorful flora and friendly neighbors are the finishing touches to this almost perfect picture.

“People love the great diversity of architectural styles. There’s a lot of greenery around and you have your own privacy. These old homes are the perfect alternative to a downtown condo.” ­– Linda Driggs, Realtor at Michael Saunders & Company1

Teardowns and major remodels are looked down on in the historic parts of Laurel Park. Fortunately, new developments are popping up in the edges of this neighborhood. New residents have more modern homes and condos to choose from. You’ll still benefit from the close-knit community’s walkability, green spaces, and maybe a wild parrot or two!

Rosemary District – A Multicultural Haven for Hipsters

Median Listing Price: $450,000


Seeking out a more energetic crowd? A crowd that’s made up of young professionals and growing families? Be sure to check out the Rosemary District. This colorful community made up of a collection of different cultures has become one of the hottest places in town. With more than a dozen new apartment buildings developed, more and more millennials have moved into townhouses, condos, and rentals dotted throughout the neighborhood.

Often perceived as a haven for the city’s artists and hipster crowd, don’t be scared away by that reputation. People of all ages have made their homes in this vibrant and diverse neighborhood. Regardless of how artistic you feel you are, you’ll benefit from the area’s variety of local businesses, walkability, modern yet cozy homes, and convenient amenities.

“It’s the ‘anti-gated community’—lots of cultures, all clashing yet somehow managing to co-exist in a lively and energetic neighborhood, unlike anything Sarasota has ever seen before.” – Robert Plunket, Sarasota Magazine2

Originally the first African American community in Sarasota, a period of urban revitalization and gentrification has transformed the once low-income neighborhood into a comfortable residential area and cultural hub. One-of-a-kind local shops, small businesses, and some of the hippest downtown Sarasota restaurants are found in the Rosemary District.


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