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Moving Tips for College Students

Moving away to college is a time for excitement and freedom, along with some fears. It is a chance to find yourself as you slowly dip your toes into adulthood. The process, however, of moving to college can be a nightmare. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we are the experts when it comes to helping young adults move into their dorms. Our dedicated Sarasota movers have put together the best moving tips for college students.

Do You Have a Roommate? Coordinate!

Before you go ahead and move into your dorm, you may want to coordinate things with your roommate. One of the best moving tips for college students is to always make sure your roommate is okay with the stuff you are bringing to avoid bringing duplicate items. For example, before bringing a microwave, ask your roommate if she has one too. If so, ask to share just one instead of having duplicates, which will not only slow down the moving process but will take up space.

Dorm rooms tend to be smaller in size, so that is why you want to coordinate a plan. It is hard to have two people moving in at the same time. Work out a schedule with your roommate beforehand.

Move as Soon as You Can

A beneficial moving tip for college students is to move into your new dorm as soon as you can. You will have to talk with your housing department when moving day is, but most colleges allow students an early moving date to get ahead of the crowds. While some may be eager or dreading to do this, moving into college will be a lot easier without the large mass of other people trying to do the same things as you. Keep in mind, moving day for college students can get pretty crazy.

Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

While theft is certainly not on your mind when moving to college, you still want to make sure your items are safe and protected. Keep your items close to you at all times and make sure not to leave your door open while you are not in the room.

Hiring a Moving Company

One of the best moving tips for college students is to hire a moving company. Our dedicated movers are here to help you with your belongings! The local Sarasota movers are currently located here in Florida, but our moving company is nationwide! Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our professional movers want to ensure an easy moving day for new students that is as stress-free as possible. All of our movers are licensed and secured to handle your most prized items. Call us today for a free no-obligation moving quote and to learn more about our moving services.