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Moving Apps for Your Move to Sarasota

Now that you’ve decided to make the move to Sarasota, your schedule is packed with a large number of moving tasks. These tasks may include contacting our Florida movers to help you move effortlessly, shopping for new home décor and furniture, updating your address with various organizations and businesses, and so on. Through the flurry of excitement, have you stopped to think there’s probably a much simpler way to handle your relocation errands? With the prevalent use of smartphones nowadays, there great apps to help facilitate your upcoming move. Our Sarasota movers have the 411 on the best moving apps for your move to Sarasota.


If you haven’t settled on where you’ll live in Sarasota yet, give Zillow [1] a try. Zillow has thousands of rental and “for sale” listings nationwide for users to browse through. The Seattle real estate company offers aid to home hunters throughout each stage of the home search. Along with thousands of listings, this app also features real-time walkthroughs of potential neighborhoods, giving the overall experience to the home search.


After deciding on where you’ll live in Sarasota, get a head start on where the furniture will be arranged with Magicplan. [2] With the app open, Magicplan records the dimensions of the home as you walk around to create an augmented reality version of the floorplan. Besides drawing floorplans, this app also features a material and cost estimator, virtual tours, and 3D models, making it one of the best apps for moving to a new city.


No one looks forward to packing before moving as it requires time and attention-to-detail. Therefore, make things easier for you and the family by installing Sortly. [3] Sortly simplifies packing by organizing items by room along with label creation for packing boxes.

If you’re not satisfied with Sortly, then hire our Sarasota packing services for our professional, Florida movers to help you pack. Using expert packing skills and quality packing material, our Sarasota movers gladly take the tedious of packing off your hands, so you’ll have more time to take care of other pressing moving matters.

Facebook Marketplace

Don’t add to the stress of moving by moving with unnecessary junk. Instead, downsize on your moving load by listing it for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. For anything salvageable, list it for sale on this platform since users sell just about anything on here such as bicycles, clothing, furniture, cars, and even homes.

Stress-Free Moving with Our Florida Movers

When in need of Sarasota moving help, make sure to call our Sarasota movers first. All My Sons Moving & Storage performs a variety of moves, so there’s no move too big for our Florida movers. Don’t delay, call 941-926-6847 today for your free, no-obligation quote!



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