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Best Restaurants in Sarasota

Upon arriving in Sarasota, you go through a mental checklist of tasks to complete after your move. You need to call friends and family to let them know you safely made it to Sarasota, get important onboarding documents ready for the new employer, or register the kids at a new school. However, in all this flurry of excitement, your stomach starts to make a rumbling sound. This isn’t surprising since the whole moving process can leave anyone famished, so our Sarasota movers have made it easy for you by listing the best restaurants in Sarasota.

Best Sarasota Restaurants

Owen’s Fish Camp
Located in the heart of Burns Court in the downtown area, Owen’s Fish Camp [1] has an extensive history paired with southern hospitality, making it one of the best seafood restaurants in Sarasota. Cooking up fresh seafood for locals and tourists to indulge in, Owen’s Fish Camp never fails to deliver as their friendly wait staff serves southern classics along with a variety of craft beer and wines in this laid-back, Old Florida swamp shack. While waiting for your table, the kids can enjoy swinging on the tire hanging from the banyan tree in the front.

Indigenous Restaurant
If you are keeping your options open as you’re searching for one of the best Sarasota restaurants, give Indigenous Restaurant [2] a try. Opened in 2011, Indigenous Restaurant has gained a reputation for being an educational and inspirational restaurant. For many years, this restaurant has been voted Sarasota’s Best Restaurant for showing its passion and dedication for food, the community, and the environment. The restaurant staff work closely with fishermen, artisans, and farmers to focus on preparing sustainable seafood of the highest quality. Such seafood dishes include baked scallops, wild-caught shrimp, Thai green curry fish dip, and more.

Antoine’s Restaurant
Antoine’s Restaurant [3] is another great option on our list of the best restaurants in Sarasota. Offering a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere, Antoine’s Restaurant helps newcomers and tourists feel right at home. Our Sarasota local movers love their artisanal cuisine such as breads, dressings, desserts, etc., which are freshly prepared in-house. Also, their wide selection of wine and craft beer goes perfectly with each dish to give the ideal dining experience.

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[1] Owen’s Fish Camp

[2] Indigenous Restaurant

[3] Antoine’s Restaurant