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Guide to the 3 Best Sarasota Neighborhoods

Is the mere thought of trying to find the perfect home in a brand new city enough to make you want to tell your Sarasota movers to call the whole thing off? Then let All My Sons Sarasota make your life a whole lot easier by narrowing down the search for you.

After all, it is nearly impossible to figure out all of the answers to your moving questions without any help. This is especially true when you finally get all your questions resolved, only to immediately remember another one that you forgot to ask. Considering there are far more than a couple Sarasota neighborhoods to wade through, let your Sarasota movers help you cut corners with this guide to the three best Sarasota neighborhoods.

Gillespie Park. Bordered by Fruitville Road and Orange Avenue, properties in Gillespie Park do not last long. Known for making potential home buyers rush to book a moving date with Sarasota movers, Gulf Coast newcomers Julian and Patricia Vandenberg couldn’t resist Sarasota’s allure. Patricia shares that “Our stereotype of boring blue-haired folks on golf carts was blown away by Sarasota. The vibrant arts culture, the glorious beaches, the great downtown and plenty of people of all ages – it’s the gem of the state, and Gillespie Park’s downtown location at affordable prices makes it unique.”

Paver/Ringling Park. These two Sarasota neighborhoods border downtown on the east, with small custom homes from the 1950s on one side, and ranch homes from the same era on the other side. Hypothetically, if you did decide to go with a home in Paver or Ringling Park, you would quickly realize why this is one of the best Sarasota neighborhoods as All My Sons Moving & Storage drove past downtown, the Y, the beach, and the ballpark on the way to your new home. While the homes are on the smaller side for families, they are perfect for young professionals who are moving to Sarasota.

Lakewood Ranch. Located east of Interstate 75 on the Sarasota-Manatee county line is this sprawling planned community, which offers everything from townhouses to million-dollar plus estate homes. Sarasota movers relocate people of all ages here, from young families to empty nesters. Easily having the best recreational activities out of all the Sarasota neighborhoods, Lakewood Ranch has half of the 8,500 acre community set aside for recreation areas, miles of hiking trails, playgrounds, pools, and polo fields. While there are plenty of shopping and dining options within walking distance, locals have made sure to protect the environment around them; Lakewood Ranch is a green community and requires new construction to follow Florida Green Building Coalition standards.