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5 Step Bedroom Makeover

Are you wondering how to redecorate a bedroom but do not know where to start? Your time spent on Pinterest looking for the perfect room should not go to waste. Choosing a bedroom aesthetic, color scheme, and furniture should be fun, not overwhelming. Fortunately, our Sarasota movers put together a 5 step bedroom makeover to help you with the redecorating process.

1. Get inspired.
You need to be sure of what you do and do not like. Feel free to binge-watch HGTV and endlessly scroll Pinterest. Use YouTube for more variety and the ability to search your specific interests. Whether you are looking for professional interior design or DIY bedroom design, you will find it on YouTube. Stay mindful of your mission and document items that catch your eye.

2. Bring your ideas to life.
Our local movers in Sarasota recommend a mood board for your desired aesthetic, colors, and furniture. This visual representation will help you decide what to include and how your new room will look. Styling a bedroom makeover can be chaotic and a mood board adds some much-needed organization. Use the mood board to finalize your bedroom design.

3. Restore your belongings.
Take advantage of DIY bedroom design with items you already own. If your belongings don’t fit with your bedroom makeover ideas, you may be able to change the color or style. Choose the items that will support your new bedroom and donate or sell the items you no longer want. Decluttering is an important part of any bedroom makeover, especially when selling old belongings means money for new items.

4. Make your purchases.
Choose the paint, furniture, and accessories you want to purchase. Note that YouTube creators list items mentioned in videos in the description box. These items should align with your mood board. Create a mockup with measurements before finalizing any purchases. You want to be sure that these items fit your room and your budget.

5. Set a timeline.
Stay on top of your purchases and your bedroom makeover by holding yourself accountable. Resist the urge to procrastinate on this big project. A timeline is especially helpful to track your estimated deliveries. Our Sarasota movers recommend planning your time in intervals for the most efficient use of your time. Follow your schedule and your bedroom makeover will be complete in no time!

Now that you know our five step bedroom makeover, our Sarasota residential movers are here to help you move into your new home. Leave the hassle and worry of packing to us! Our Sarasota packing services will have you and your belongings settled and ready for a bedroom makeover as soon as you give us a call. Contact us today to plan your move to beautiful, sunny Sarasota, FL!