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What to Look for During an Apartment Walkthrough

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After apartment hunting for what seemed like years, you manage to find the perfect apartment in Pensacola. Whether it meets your budget, includes preferred amenities, or it’s in the perfect location, you’re super excited to move into your new dream apartment. However, before you get locked into a lease, it’s important to go over the unit with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything’s fixed to your liking. Not doing so can result in a stressful debacle between you and landlord if they blame you for any prior damages. Our Pensacola movers discuss what to look for during an apartment walkthrough before signing on the dotted line.



At the top of your apartment inspection checklist should be the safety checks. Start by checking if smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. They should be placed in each bedroom, the front door, and in the kitchen. Notate where fire extinguishers are placed and, if the apartment is in a complex, look over the fire escape plan so you know where to go in the event of a fire.  



When figuring out what to look for during an apartment walkthrough next, check to see if the kitchen appliances work. Test the microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and other appliances as well as the light fixtures and sink to ensure they’re working properly. For the refrigerator, check for bad odors, pull out each drawer to check for damage, and confirm the fridge is chilly and the freezer is cold. If it has an ice maker, turn it on to see if it works.

Examine the kitchen floor and make a note about any scrapes, scuffs, and cracks you find on your apartment inspection checklist. Do the same for the kitchen countertop and cabinets by opening and closing them.



Our Pensacola residential movers suggest testing the bathroom plumbing next. First, look under and around toilets and sink to check for damp surfaces and dripping. Turn faucets on and off to see if they shut off correctly. Next, test the water pressure of the shower and see if it reaches a hot temperature. Ask the landlord or community management if the unit shares a hot water heater or if it has its own as it can affect how you shower in the mornings.


Doors and Windows

Finally, cross off doors and windows on your apartment inspection checklist by running your hand over each window and door to feel for drafts. Check whether they close properly and test the locks and doorknobs to ensure their security. If the apartment’s doorknobs have different locks, ask for a key to each door.


General Apartment Checks

Give the unit a final once-over by checking for signs of pest infestations like droppings, chew marks, or insect eggs. Test the function of electrical outlets with your smartphone’s charging cable and remember to look for water damage on the ceiling since most people forget to look up!


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