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What Kind of Moving Insurance Do You Need

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In the same way that you need health insurance coverage for the importance of your health, it’s also important to have moving insurance. Accidents happen to even the most careful people, even the best Florida Panhandle movers, that’s why they’re referred to as accidents. However, you may not know exactly what kind of moving insurance you need. The professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to share with you the different types of moving insurance, the importance of having it, and which one will work best for you and your needs.

Basic Coverage Insurance – Released Value Protection

Federal law mandates that moving companies carry standard liability moving insurance coverage that insures your belongings at 60 cents per pound. This basic coverage insurance is also called released value protection. If anything happens to your belongings, you will be reimbursed for every last item that was damaged, getting 60 cents per pound. With this level of coverage, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and your Florida Panhandle movers would like you to know that certain items could be vulnerable on your move to Pensacola. For example, if you have a keepsake statue that weighs ten pounds, but it has a value of at least at $500, your statue will only be worth $6 to the moving company handling it.

Full-Value Protection

Your Florida Panhandle movers will also offer another basic coverage option called full-value protection, where the cost is based on about 1% of the valuation of your items. If your belongings are worth $30,000, you could pay $300 for full-value protection. With that being said, according to the FMCSA, this coverage makes your Florida Panhandle movers liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment.

Third-Party Insurance

You have the opportunity to use a third-party coverage insurance option after your Florida Panhandle movers utilize the basic coverage. This extra third-party insurance coverage can pick up the remainder (up to the amount you purchase).

What’s Not Covered

It’s also important to know what’s not covered under your moving insurance. Your movers are not responsible for items in boxes that they did not pack themselves. Unless the box shows significant damage, you are not likely to be covered for damages to anything inside the box. You are also not covered under things that are considered to be natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, windstorms, fires, hail, etc. Additionally, if items are damages while they’re in storage that’s not controlled by the moving and storage company themselves, you will not be covered under the moving company’s insurance.

Whether you opt for the moving insurance with basic coverage, or the one with the most coverage, you can book your move with All My Sons Moving & Storage. Call us today! Our consultants are standing by and waiting to help you move to Pensacola.