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Top Restaurants in Pensacola

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Upon moving to Pensacola, you plan to hit the ground running to make sure you have any relocation plans in place. These plans may include confirming your appointment with your Internet provider for a Wi-Fi installation, gathering important documents for the onboarding process with your new employer, calling friends and family to tell them you’ve made it safely to your new home, and so on. However, while doing so, you may hear a not-so pleasant sound from your stomach. Moving to Pensacola can leave you famished, so our Pensacola movers are happy to list the top restaurants in Pensacola to get your grub on.


Restaurant Iron

Are you craving a southern fare with a contemporary twist? Restaurant Iron [1] is the place to go in Downtown Pensacola as the staff provide an exceptional dining experience and set a high standard. Their menu of locally-sourced and handmade dishes are freshly prepared in their open kitchen by their team of professional and experienced chefs.  The wait staff always go out of their way to ensure guests are comfortable in the elegant, Southern-inspired ambiance.

Restaurant Iron has been shaking pots and pans for the locals since 2012 as a lunch-only location. Once demand for expansion surged, management worked hard to create a dinner menu for frequent patrons. Over the years, the restaurant received many awards while providing the best service in town to locals and tourists.


The Fish House

As a longstanding Pensacola tradition, The Fish House [2] has served the Florida city fresh seafood cuisine for over twenty years. Overlooking the beautiful Pensacola Bay and Seville Harbor, this award-winning restaurant has an impressive menu of marine cuisine including sushi, various seafood platters, mahi-mahi, Shrimp Cavatappi, and more, making it one of the most sought-after seafood restaurants in Pensacola, FL. With more than 500,000 guests annually, both locals and tourists always enjoy digging into the fresh dishes of this waterfront restaurant.


George Bistro + Bar

Bringing together the taste of the South of France and The South (also known as “South-meets-South”), the George Bistro + Bar [3] offers Pensacolians and tourists an eclectic menu. Using culinary experience acquired from New York, Europe, and The South, George Bistro + Bar prepares freshly-made dishes that only leave your taste buds wanting more. Our Pensacola local movers consider this bistro one of the top restaurants in Pensacola since they use the freshest ingredients to prepare not only meals, but also coffees and cocktails, which is parallel with Southern hospitality.


Let Us Do the Heavy-Lifting for You

Before making the move to Pensacola, give our professional movers a call. We have the expertise to handle all corners of the relocation process, giving you more time to explore the top restaurants in Pensacola. Don’t delay, call 850-745-3032 today for your free, no-obligation quote.





[1] Restaurant Iron

[2] The Fish House

[3] George Bistro + Bar