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Ways to Keep the Kids Busy as You Move

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The process of moving can be a challenge, but doing so with children can be more of an uphill battle. Your top priorities will most likely be to keep the kids safe and trying to move on schedule. While our Panhandle Florida moving company is getting you moved out and settled into your new home in a timely-manner, there are some useful ways to keep the children preoccupied. Trust us, these tips to keep the kids busy will help your move to Pensacola that much easier!

Ways to Keep the Kids Busy When You Move



Reading is fundamental, and not as many children do so as they used to. Becoming engrossed in books will help the time fly by for the little ones. Just before our Panhandle Florida movers provide you with our quality packing services, have the kids pick out their favorite books to keep them busy during your move to Pensacola. If you have toddlers who can’t read yet, provide them with picture books to look through. At the start of moving day, create a designated, safe area for the kids to flip through their books as our Panhandle Florida moving company get you moved out.

Mobile Apps & Movies

If you don’t have a lot of books on hand, you can also have the kids play games or watch a movie on a mobile device. Make sure to download a plethora of apps and movies so that the kids have a lot to choose from. In addition, have them use a kid-friendly account if they’re watching movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime to keep things G-Rated.

Activity Kit

Another great option is creating a Moving Day Activity Kit to keep the little ones. It can be a variety of items of your choosing. Include coloring books, crayons, playdough, dolls, etc. to keep them preoccupied as our Panhandle Florida movers get moved out and settled into your new home.

Get Creative

In the case that you may not have prepared something to keep the children busy, improvise on how they can keep from getting bored on moving day. Have an extra moving box and other safe supplies laying around? Let the kids use them to their liking; whether they use the supplies for crafts or for an imaginative game, this will help them stay preoccupied as you’re moving out.

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