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How to Pull off a Safe Move

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With your moving day fast approaching, you’re wrapping up last-minute relocation tasks such as setting up your mail forwarding service or scheduling your utility activations. As you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, safety during your DIY move may not cross your mind. If you’re opting to for a DIY move to Pensacola, it’s important to be conscious of the fact that you can risk serious injuries if you’re not careful during your move. You can worry less as our Pensacola movers share some tips on how to move safely on your moving day.

Dress Properly

Since moving is a strenuous activity, give yourself the flexibility you need by wearing the proper clothing. Wear breathable and comfortable clothing that allow you to bend down easily and carry heavy boxes. Avoid wearing oversized or loose clothing as they can become snagged as you’re hauling heavy items or cause you to trip. Avoid wearing flip flops or other open-back and open-toed shoes since they leave your feet exposed and don’t provide the stability needed to move efficiently. Instead, wear non-slip tennis shoes or sturdy boots to help you move safely. Our Pensacola movers also suggest protecting your hands

Don’t Overpack Boxes

Just because you can physically fill a box completely doesn’t always mean you should if the items within are heavy. Different sized boxes are meant to hold a specific amount of weight and exceeding that weight can lead to knee, back, and other joint injuries. Follow the general rule of packing boxes: pack no more than 50 pounds for a small box, 65 pounds for a medium box, and 70 pounds for a large box. If you have an extra-large box, don’t overpack it with heavy items. Instead, pack bed linens, comforters, and cushions into the extra-large box.

Eat Nutritiously and Stay Hydrated

In order to move safely, you need to stay energized, alert, and motivated. Keep your body energized for the move by starting the day with a nutritious meal. Take breaks to eat healthy snacks such as protein bars and nuts to give your body a boost throughout the day. Lack of nourishment can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. Along with eating right, you must stay hydrated throughout the day. Frequently drink water, even when you’re not feeling thirsty; if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Of course, you’ll need to take more bathroom breaks, but that’s a lot better than suffering from the acute side effects of dehydration such as a decline in motor coordination and reduced brain volume, so drink up!

We Have Your Back So You Don’t Break Yours

If you just have too many belongings to move on your own or you have a pre-existing physical condition, make our Panhandle Florida movers your first-choice in relocation services. Our moving company in Florida provides exceptional relocation expertise to ensure your valuables arrive to your new home damage-free and on-time. We have been in the relocation industry for over twenty years, so you can rely on us for your move to Pensacola. Don’t wait, contact our Panhandle Florida movers today for your free, no-obligation moving quote.

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