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How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

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The Pensacola movers know that moving can be a stressful time in your life. Between finding the perfect place to figuring out where to keep all your belongings while you move. It’s hard to decide which items stay, what goes, and how you’re going to move all of it.

For the average mover, our team understands that choosing what to pack and what not to pack is hard. That’s why we suggest having a moving sale before you start packing. Don’t worry if you’ve never held a moving sale! The Pensacola residential movers gathered some tips on how to hold a successful moving sale.


Tips for Holding a Moving Sale

Choose the day and time: Before holding your moving sale, it’s crucial to choose a day and time that will have the biggest turnout. Though most people go to garage sales on Saturday, if you’re planning to hold your moving sale on a different day of the week, letting people know with enough time recommends a good turnout. Be sure to let people know about the sale by posting on social media and with flyers around your neighborhood.

Make sure it's legal: One of the biggest tips for holding a moving sale is to check with the city to make sure that you don’t need any special permits and that there are no regulations you’re breaking. You’ll want to do this about a month in advance to give yourself plenty of time.

Gather the sale items: Choose which items you want to sell a few weeks in advance. Add or remove items as you see fit. Be sure to make a list of what you have to sell. Keeping inventory will help you determine which items you sold and for how much.

Price fairly and accordingly: The goal of the sale is to get rid of the things you are no longer using and aren’t bringing to your new home. It’s nice to make some extra money, but don’t lose sight of the goal. If someone tries to negotiate a price with you, be open to negotiating with them.

Organize your items: Don’t just sprawl things out in the yard. A clean set up is appealing to people, and they will be more likely to stop and look if they can see the items.

Be hospitable: Having refreshments for your sale is also a great way to get people to want to stop in and also thank them for purchasing an item as well.


It’s time to host your moving sale now that you know how to hold a successful moving sale. If you still have things that need to pack, contact our team of professionals to help assist you with your packing. We offer exceptional Pensacola packing services from trained professionals who will take care of your belongings as if they were our own!