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Getting Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season

Miami is a beautiful place to live. Sunny days on the beach are a major attraction for many homeowners. Living in Miami also means staying prepared during hurricane season. From June to November, your home needs to be ready for a natural disaster emergency. Prepare for any storms headed this way so you can prioritize safety. Our Miami movers share how to safeguard your home and family during hurricane season.


Prepare Your Property

If you want to know how to be prepared for severe storms, the structure of your home is a great place to start. Make sure the roof is secure as it’s the largest entry to the house. Check if your roof was built with hurricane straps. If not, install straps for ultimate hurricane roof protection. Before hurricane season, repair holes and window seals. Make sure to regularly check window seals as they tend to break down in hot weather. If you receive a warning or alert in your area, use bolts to secure the top and bottom of entry doors.


Wind & Flood Insurance

Review your plan and speak with your insurance carrier. Home insurance coverage in Florida generally doesn’t include wind and flood insurance. Purchase these supplemental policies to best prepare for hurricane damage in Miami. Be sure to change your policy before the weather forecast shows a severe storm or the new policy might not cover damages. Our local movers in Miami recommend documenting your belongings using videos and photos. A complete inventory ensures full compensation when making an insurance claim.


Clear the Lawn

If you are moving to Miami, you may be unsure of how to prepare your front yard for hurricane season. You should clear the lawn of items that could become debris. The landscape and patio furniture are dangerous in strong winds and storms. Be sure to bring all furniture indoors. Before hurricane season, remove branches from trees and shrubs. If you have sufficient time, inspect your yard for less obvious debris. For example, replace your gravel with wood chips to give your windows a better chance and clean out the gutters.


Gather Supplies

The right storm shelter supplies are crucial to being prepared for hurricane season. In case of an emergency, gather items for your household. Invest in a generator and familiarize yourself with the instructions prior to hurricane season. Our Miami Lakes movers recommend you stop at a gas station and fill your vehicle for a possible evacuation. The rest of the needed supplies should be stored in an accessible waterproof container. Store food, water, and medications for the family. Make sure to only include nonperishable food items. Additionally, keep handheld flashlights and batteries in the emergency container.