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Outdoor Light Designs for Your Backyard

The accents in a backyard design are what really turn the space into something more than a patch of grass. From the patio furniture to the landscaping, every inch of your back yard comes together to create a masterful oasis where you can unwind and enjoy the weather with friends and family. If you’re thinking of turning your backyard into a place to enjoy in the evenings with friends and family, our professional Miami movers have a few lighting ideas for the backyard.

Outdoor Lighting for the Yard

Don’t let your backyard get swallowed up by the darkness at night – light it up instead! There are so many different ways to incorporate lighting into the design of your yard. Advancements in technology allows you to not only dim and brighten your lights, but you can also fit the entire rainbow in a light bulb. Simply switching out the bulbs in all your outdoor light fixtures can make a tremendous difference but there is so much more you can do as well. Our Miami residential movers share some other creative outdoor lighting ideas.

Twinkling Backyard Lights
Sprinkle a little sparkle in your backyard with twinkle lights. Strategically string the lights through trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements to create a warm, magical ambiance.

Light up your pool
Another fun outdoor lighting idea is to add colorful lights in the pool. Depending on the color you set, you could really enhance the landscape as well and really create a mood. The soothing movement of the water will also have a cool effect wherever it’s reflected.

Illuminate Paths and Steps
Don’t limit your lighting options to eye-level and above – take advantage of all the areas at your feet! Arrange lights along the paths and steps in the backyard for a lovely lit walkway. This not only looks beautiful, it also doubles as a safety feature so people can see where they’re going at night and aren’t caught off guard by a step.

Directional Lighting
Directional lighting is often used to draw attention to a specific area or element and can really add depth to your backyard. Uplighting illuminates trees, the garden wall, and other landscaping elements you’d like to highlight as outlines your space. Downlighting is often for focal points at ground-level, such as a water feature, and has a more subtle effect than uplighting. Moonlighting is a beautiful downlighting effect that mimics the effect of the moon’s light directly in your backyard!

Sometimes you just need backyard lighting less for entertaining and more for functionality. Directional lighting is great in areas such as the door so you can find your keys in the dark, for example. These often have motion sensors so you’re also aware of any approaching visitors.

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