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Moving in the Rain

Moving day is just days away, and you're most likely wrapping up last-minute relocation tasks to make sure everything goes smoothly for your DIY move to Miami. These tasks may include preparing for the closing, changing your address with various places, scheduling a Wi-Fi installation, and so on. After handling the most important tasks, you check the weather forecast for the big day and see there’s a high chance of precipitation. At first, you may feel this will throw a wrench in your plans, but our Miami movers can show you how simple moving in the rain can be.


Choose Plastic

Normally, our Florida movers wouldn’t recommend using too much plastic for the move for environmental reasons, but for weather purposes, they highly recommend using plastic storage bins. When using cardboard boxes to move in the rain, the contents inside are at risk of damage since the moisture usually ruins some of your belongings. Plastic storage bins are a great alternative because everything inside is kept airtight and dry, increasing the safety of the belongings inside.


If hunting for waterproof moving boxes is too time-consuming, you can always opt for our Miami packing services. Our local Miami movers, with experience dealing with the area’s constantly changing weather, will pack your valuables and furniture with waterproof material, ensuring their safety during the move to Miami.


Reduce Distance to Entryway

The chances of tracking in dirt during the move are especially high when it’s raining, so minimize the distance by moving your packed belongings to the front door. This will lower the chance of slips and falls inside the home. If you have a garage, that’s even better; moisture tends to dry pretty quickly in a garage.


Lay Down Cardboard

Despite using plastic storage bins for the upcoming move in the rain, you can use cardboard to decrease the risk of injury as you move. Lay down cardboard along the path from the entryway to the back of the moving truck to provide some grip as you’re loading storage bins and furniture into the truck.


Moving in the Rain with the Pros in Relocation

Whether you can’t move to Miami on your own due to a pre-existing physical condition or you just have too much to move, give the Miami movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage a call. We take the stress of moving off your shoulders so you can take care of other relocation-related matters. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.