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The Ultimate Packing & Moving Timeline

Our South Florida moving company knows how important it is to start planning your move early; don’t wait last minute to start packing and moving preparations. With the help of our Boynton Beach movers, we’re sharing a few insider tips to help you understand when you should start making preparations for your move to make the packing and moving process as stress-free as possible.

Two Months Before Moving Day

You are two months shy of the move, this is the time you should start researching moving companies, asking friends and family for recommendations. Let our Boynton Beach local movers help you and your family move without the hassle or the stress.

During this time, we suggest you start taking stock of your belongings and deciding if there is anything you don’t need or use anymore. Once you get rid of the stuff you no longer want, organize what you’re planning to take with you to you new house and determine what could be packed first, such as seasonal items, and what needs to wait until the last moment, like your daily toiletries.

A Month and a Half Before Moving Day

When the 6-week mark rolls around, this is where the real works starts. Start collecting moving supplies you’ll need such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. As you finish packing each box, seal it with tape and include a label on the outside listing the contents of the box. Labeling the boxes will make it easier to sort through when you’re unpacking and organizing your new home. This is also the time you should be making reservations at a hotel if members of your family, like a grandparent, would be uncomfortable spending the first few nights in a house where the furniture isn’t assembled and there are boxes in the way.

Need help in the packing department?  Our Boynton Beach packing service is here to help! Our full-service movers will pack and unpack all your household items in the comfort of your new home! Not only do we pack and unpack, but our Boynton Beach packing supplies are also included, which means you get all the proper moving supplies.

One Month Before Moving Day

One month before the big move, reality starts setting in. All of a sudden it seems like your move is just around the corner and you feel like there’s still so much to do! Don’t stress because we have got your back! While we take care of moving preparations, you should start scheduling appointments to not only have utilities activated in your new house but switching off the utilities at your old house too. Don’t forget to contact the post office to have your mail forwarded.

If you need to move but you don’t have a permanent future residence yet or whatever reason, consider investing in a storage unit. Our South Florida moving company offers storage facilities that are climate-controlled and under 24-hour security.

Moving Day

Congrats! It is the day of the move, relax and take a deep breath, you got this! Say goodbye to your old life and say hello to new opportunities. You will meet your movers for the first time, who will load all your belongings onto the moving truck and then take them to the new residence. This day might seem hectic and overwhelming, but here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Boynton Beach, we do everything we can to put you at ease.


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