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Creative Packing Materials You Already Own

There are plenty of ways to save a couple bucks when moving, but perhaps the best and most effective way to do it is by not buying a bunch of new packing supplies. Believe it or not, you more than likely have a bunch of packing supplies just lying around the house right this second. Check it out:

Newspaper and Magazines (Anything paper, really): You can repurpose your old newspapers and magazines page-by-page to wrap or fill fragile items. You can use the paper as filler and cushion in boxes to keep everything safe. Everything from newspapers, magazines, and junk mail to paper waste, wrapping paper for presents, and even that old college textbook could be perfect material to tear up, ball up, or use to wrap. Of course, if you need professional-quality packing supplies, we suggest giving our movers a call.

Clean Socks: You can use your clean socks to wrap stemware (wine glasses, etc.), mugs, glasses, or other glass materials. Hopefully you’re using clean socks! But socks are very useful in this way. They may also be balled-up and used as filler or cushioning in order to keep your fragile items safe.

Yarn or String: Just like the previous two materials, yarn and string can be used as extra cushioning and serve as a good filler for your fragile belongings. Just as well, in lieu of tape, you can use yarn and string to close up your boxes or possibly secure certain items, so long as the string or yarn won’t easily break.

Plastic Bags: Do you happen to have a plastic bag or two filled up with a bunch of other plastic bags? Well look at that, you can pat yourself on the back! This can be a major help to your packing process. Again, they can be used to wrap, cushion, or fill your fragile items. Just as well, they can be used to carry different items, and in some cases, they can be torn into strips, twisted, and used to tie things together—and they’re actually pretty durable too!

Egg Cartons: If you happen to have a few egg cartons lying around, use them to your advantage! You can use them as a liner for your boxes in order to secure your items or to offer a good deal of cushion. They’re strong and lightweight and absorb shock very well.

Balloons and Ziploc Bags: Fill the bags about three-quarters of the way with air. Or inflate balloons with a little bit of air, enough to offer a good cushion, but not nearly enough so as to make the balloon pop with relative ease. They will serve as a great space-filler and cushion for any of your items.

Blankets, Pillows, Bedding, Clothing: These materials are perfect for wrapping items, especially larger items that need protection. Buying big protective covers for a move could add up the costs, so why not use what you’ve already got? Wrap your big wooden dresser in a blanket—boom, perfect protection! You can use clothing you wear to do physical work or are clothes you’re about to throw away to wrap different items or use as filler and cushion. If it feels like you can use it to protect your belongings and you don’t mind using it as such, then use it!


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