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Best Packing Hacks for Moving from Our Boynton Beach Movers

We can all agree that packing for a move is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. But with some help from the right full-service moving company, packing can be stress-free and hassle-free. Below are some of the best packing hacks for moving from our Boynton Beach movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage.

The Organizing Process

Before you even start packing you must begin planning and organizing accordingly. What this means is knowing and planning enough time for you to pack. Professional movers recommend at least 8 weeks before your moving date at a minimum to start packing. The more time you have means the more time you can actually go through all your items and donate anything you do not want. Try keeping an organized pile of things you do and do not want. Label all the boxes to the rooms accordingly. Don’t forget to write down what is still left to do and what has already been completed.

Protecting Your Valuables

As you being to pack, set aside your socks, sweaters, and t-shirts that can be used to wrap up fragile items. This is a great packing hack for moving that is also a money saver. You can use the items you have in your house to wrap dishes, mugs, glass, or anything else that you wish. Not only will this save you space but it can also save you with money by using items you already own. Just make sure not overpack any of your moving boxes.

Save Toilet Rolls and Egg Cartons

Another great packing hack for moving is using the toilet paper rolls to wrap cords or wires. You can also place chargers inside of the roll so they don’t become tangled or lost. Egg cartons make a great protectant for light bulbs or makeup. This is a budget-friendly packing hack that will be sure to keep smaller fragile items safe during your move.

Hiring a Packing Service

Of course, the best packing hack for moving isn’t actually a packing hack, it’s a phone call to our team! Hiring a packing service such as our full-service Boynton Beach packing service can save you time and stress.

Our professional movers are trained in the art of packing. We know the proper way to wrap, secure, and handle your boxes without any items getting damaged in the process. Don’t stress about the whole packing supplies department either. Our Boynton Beach packing supplies service is included in the moving package. Our movers will supply padded quilts, moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and more! Ask for what you need when moving and you shall receive.

Call today to speak to one of our friendly moving consultants who will be able to set you up with a moving coordinator who will then provide a free, no-obligation moving quote. Save yourself the hassle and let the pros do what they do best!

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