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What to Do Before Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home is a stressful venture and one that not only impacts you, but your pets as well. If you’re a pet owner and must relocate them to a new environment, follow these guidelines to learn what to do when moving with pets. Help your pet feel happier and more comfortable about leaving their home with these tips from the Corpus Christi movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Check the Rules & Bylaws of Your New Apartment/Housing Community

Have you taken the time to look over the fine print of your new apartment or community agreement? If not, you should do so immediately. While there’s no love more loyal than that of a furry companion, not everyone is receptive to animals being allowed on the property. Be sure that there’s no size or weight limit for animals in your new home. Check that there aren’t any noise ordinances that could prevent you from having dogs that are normally left outdoors at night.


Search for Nearby Dog Parks

For dog owners, taking them out for regular walks is important and finding a good dog park should fall near the top of your moving to-do list. Particularly in communities where there’s no walking trail available, having a nearby park here dogs are allowed can make both you and your canine companion happy.


Look for Veterinarians in the Area

Much like humans, pets need to have up to date medical care and want to be treated by loving and dedicated veterinarians. Before you consider moving with pets, Corpus Christi movers recommend checking out the local veterinarian offices and figuring out who is most capable of taking over your pet’s treatment. Some veterinarian offices specialize in specific types of animals potentially making them a preferred choice. Be sure your new vet’s schedule coincides with yours as some veterinarians aren’t open on weekends or in the evening.


Update Your Pet’s Registration Information

Pet owners typically give their pets a microchip ID, so before moving to Corpus Christi, it’s important to update this information. Visit the location where you’ve registered your pet’s contact information and update them with your new address. Our Corpus Christi movers strongly suggest that you update your pet’s tags and other items with your new information if they are lost and found.


Consider Your Travel Arrangements

Moving your pet to a new location can be stressful for them and making them comfortable should be your top priority. Consider what’s best for them when traveling. Will you be flying or driving? If your pet will be flying with you, check the airline website to make sure your pet complies with airline policies. If traveling by car, think about how long your trip will be and if there are safe locations along the way for your pet to stretch its legs and use the restroom. If staying at a hotel, look in advance for a pet friendly hotel and make sure that your pet complies with hotel policies.