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What Can You Do with Quilted Moving Blankets?

Protecting Furniture with Moving Blankets

Moving blankets come in a variety of makes, sizes, weights, and colors, depending on what you need to protect and how many times you are planning to reuse them. Typically, moving blankets come in two categories: moving blankets and textile blankets, also known as skins.

Textile blankets are dense sheets of uncovered felt that can be used for heavier items and pieces of furniture. Some skins are more lightweight and should be used to pack up smaller, lighter items. Moving blankets are quilted covers made with thick, heavy-duty, padded material. Popular colors are blue, dark gray, and green. Their standard size of 72x82” makes it perfect for protecting small and large furniture.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Corpus Christi local movers utilize moving blankets for the majority of the relocations we handle – they are a versatile packing supply.


How Do You Wrap Furniture for Moving?

While there are other uses for moving blankets, they are primarily used to protect furniture during a relocation. To make sure your furniture stays free of scratches, dents, and other forms of damage, you or your professional Corpus Christi local movers have to properly wrap each piece before loading them into a truck.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our movers in Corpus Christi are put through extensive training in industry standard packing techniques. They know how to wrap furniture with moving blankets and other materials for optimal and long-lasting protection. Here is a basic breakdown on how to wrap furniture for moving [1]:

  1. Take apart furniture when necessary
  2. Cover furniture with moving blankets
  3. Wrap disassembled furniture legs separately
  4. Secure blankets with plastic wrap
  5. Protect furniture corners with cardboard
  6. Add a layer of bubble wrap for fragile items
  7. Secure wrappings with tape, straps, or rope

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need?

With a typical size of 72x82” you will usually need at least one blanket to wrap a medium-sized piece of furniture and two or more moving blankets to cover larger items. However, you may want to add extra padded layers for more fragile pieces. There are three rules of thumb you can follow when deciding how many moving blankets you need for a relocation:

  1. 24 blankets for every 1 room
  2. 1 blanket for every 5 square feet of space in your moving truck
  3. More is better than less, have extra blankets on hand

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our full-service Texas moving company, we can deliver high-quality moving and packing supplies to you. From shipping tape and moving boxes to moving blankets and furniture pads, we carry the best collection of packing supplies in Corpus Christi, TX.

Our full-service Corpus Christi movers use these same materials and supplies every day to meet the packing needs of our customers. Are you interested in moving with All My Sons or purchasing packing materials from us? Call (361) 883-1372 to speak with one of our relocation professionals today!



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