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What You Need to Know about White-Glove Corpus Christi Movers

Perhaps the number one issue that homeowners come across when it comes time to move to Corpus Christi is fraudulent or shoddy movers handling their belongings. Even if the moving company is well-known, they may have an off-day where they accidentally damage some of your items. The process of moving is not simple, so keep in mind that the Corpus Christi movers that you hire are more than likely completing numerous moves a day and not every single one is going to go seamlessly. One way that homeowners can combat the issue of shoddy movers is by spending a little bit more on full-service or white-glove movers.

White-glove moving companies in Corpus Christi specialize in large and fragile items. Especially if you have a large home, condo, or penthouse apartment with fragile items, a regular moving company and crew may not deliver the amazing services that you are looking for, deserve, and need in order to ensure that your belongings are safely packaged, loaded, transported, and unloaded at your new residence.

By opting in white-glove moving services, you are enlisting in the highest level of quality furniture shipping. White-glove moving companies in Corpus Christi will pick up, move, deliver, and assemble your furniture inside your home. Much like a full-service mover, a white-glove mover will handle your move from start to finish, so that you never have to lift one box.

It is important to be able to differentiate between a full-service moving company and a white-glove moving company, which specializes in large fragile items and furniture. Any moving company can claim to be a full-service moving company, but not all will have the experience and specialty training for packing, crating, and transporting large specialty items.

Another important aspect to white-glove moving services is appliance delivery and installment. Once you move into your new Corpus Christi home, you may want to replace an old refrigerator or stove. Regardless of the large appliance, if you hire a white-glove moving company, they can help make sure that your new appliance has been properly packaged, transport it for you, unload and unpack it at your home, install it, and then remove all packaging and the old appliance as well. This type of white-glove service is ideal for homeowners or offices who have purchased a large appliance or furniture item and the company that they purchased it from does not provide delivery services.

If you are moving to or from Corpus Christi and have large furniture or specialty items, the white-glove movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have over 25 years’ experience completing specialty moves, and can treat your move with the utmost care.