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Which Updates Help Your Home Sell?

Often, when you see homes listed for sale you see a list of updates or newly installed items that are aimed to be selling points to potential buyers. So how do you know what updates are worth your time and which ones are superfluous? The Corpus Christi movers have a few tips on what repairs to invest in and which to skip. Read on to learn more!

According to Remodeling Magazine, potential buyers are lured in by basic jobs like updated siding on the exterior of the home rather than say, a new kitchen. Additionally, if the roof is leaking, no one cares about the cabinets!

Buyers want the essentials to not only be working, but to preferably be new, such as the roof, windows, the siding, and the air conditioner. While other upgrades like granite counters and bathroom/kitchen remodels are certainly desirable, potential buyers want to make sure that the basic entities are in working shape and that they won’t be shelling out for maintenance or repairs in the near future. Let’s look a little more in depth at these varying updates.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

In extremely desirable housing markets, an updated bathroom/kitchen can make all of the difference. In terms of construction, these areas are the most expensive in the house, and they are where people spend time and use the appliances the most. So if you want to maximize a few upgrades rather than the rooms in their entirety, focus on a few things such as:

New cabinets

Commercial appliances

Stone countertops

The only caveat to these remodels is that you should avoid remodeling these items if your home only has one bathroom. You are better off spending the money to add a bathroom, which instantly makes your home more desirable.

Home Maintenance

The structure of the home needs to be maintained, period. Water in the basement or a shoddy roof make the home lose value in the eyes of buyers immediately. Not sure what the fuss is? Imagine it from the eyes of a buyer! Most people looking to buy a home have a fixed budget for what they can pay for the home, and an additional fixed budget for potential repairs or updates. The less they need to do, the better. Leave updates for them to make at their own convenience and to their own taste.