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Retiring in Corpus Christi

If you are looking for somewhere to retire, Corpus Christi is your place. Corpus Christi doesn’t mess around when it comes to their senior citizens, as it puts their needs high on its priority list. In its 460 square miles there are 8 senior centers. That might not seem like a lot with such a large area, but you have to realize that 306 square miles of that area is all water. So eight senior centers for a total of 155 square miles is actually a really good ratio. Along with the benefits of the senior centers, the weather is perfect for arthritis prone joints, there are tons of local specialists, and the cost of living is extremely affordable. Corpus is the place to be.

There are eight senior centers sprinkled throughout the sparkling city that is Corpus Christi. They offer a variety of programs that not only assist seniors with things like their health and nutritional needs, but also their social and recreational needs. The nutrition services provide balanced meals to seniors at the location of the center, and they also deliver meals to home-bound elderly people. There are all sorts of dances and social events for the older community, and these centers do a large part in caring for this portion of the population.

The weather in Corpus is perfect for arthritis ridden joints. The winters are mild and the summers are hot. Some studies suggest that arthritis flares up with humidity. In Corpus it can get muggy, but nowhere near the muggieness that you would find in places like Florida. It might get a little humid, but you won’t feel like you’re swimming.

The cost of living in Corpus Christi is pretty affordable on almost any budget and there are even special opportunities for senior citizens. There are living facilities in Corpus that are for a certain age and older, with all amenities included. Everything from three hot meals served daily, games with the other residents, and even a barbershop. Although these facilities can be a bit more expensive than living on your own, the amenities alone make it worth every penny. Some locations offer transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, transportation to and from the grocery store, and movie and craft night. Some are assisted living, while others are simply for older people to settle down in. Corpus has your back.

There are no shortages of doctors in the sparkling city. There is every kind of specialist you could need, and there are probably multiple of them. And for those that don’t need all of these amenities, that are just looking to settle down but still fully independent, Corpus is still a great spot. With the wind always blowing and the sea always shining, you can’t go wrong settling down in this south Texas gem.