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How to Rent Out Your Home

Online services like AirBNB are becoming increasingly popular as travelers look to stay in someone’s home rather than risk exorbitant rates at a hotel. If you’ve thought about making your home a place that people can rent out for a holiday, event, or just because, the Corpus Christi movers want to make sure you know what you are getting into and how to maximize the experience.  Read on to learn our expert tips and pointers for making the experience an enjoyable one.

Clear out valuables. This may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to jewelry and luxury items, however, you also need to consider décor that is antique, irreplaceable, or sentimental to you. Accidents happen and even though you may have a deposit for guests, some things you don’t want to risk losing or ruining.

Get your home down to the basics. Clear off countertops, tables, and dressers. Imagine a hotel—there is plenty of storage, counter space and closet space to make yourself at home. Also, clean out the refrigerator so that guests are free to take a trip to the store and stock up on things they find essential.

Leave helpful items, such as maps, guidebooks, and nearby restaurant menus to help your guests get familiar with the neighborhood. Unless your building has a doorman, you need to offer some concierge style assistance to keep your guests from feeling lost or in the dark.

Leave out fresh linens, such as towels and washcloths. They won’t have housekeeping to come by and launder towels, so you want to make sure they have plenty to get them through their stay. Leave them clearly visible, stacked in cabinets in the bathroom or even on the sink in a folded pile. Since Corpus Christi is a coastal area, be sure to have amenities like beach towels and sunscreen also on hand.

Think about the details. A clean bathrobe, candles, chocolates and travel sized toiletries will help evoke the hotel feel in your humble abode.  Also, make sure everyday items are easy to locate, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and so on.

 Little touches, like the tips we named above, will help you garner a star rating on rental sites and enable you easily transform your cozy abode to a moneymaker.