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Pro Packing Tips with Bubble Wrap

Anyone that’s moving knows bubble wrap is one of the best packing supplies ever invented. The bubbles cushion objects perfectly, it’s flexible and all you need is a little piece of tape to secure it. All My Sons Corpus Christi moving company has some pro packing tips for getting the most out of your bubble wrap.

The bubbles on the bubble wrap are meant to hold items and place and cushion it from any bouncing around that may happen during moving. If you are wrapping any picture frames or framed artwork, you might want to put a piece of packing paper in between the frame and the bubble wrap to avoid any prints on the frames. Sometimes little pieces of the plastic from the bubbles can get stuck on your belongings so you should do the same for any other objects that you might be worried about. Little pieces of plastic are almost always harmless, but it’s never a bad idea to take extra caution.

Once you wrap your belongings in bubble wrap, you should tape all open sides. Don’t just tape along the edge where you closed the bubble wrap. You should tape the tops and bottoms closed to keep the items secure and from slipping out.

Bubble wrap is hard to see through, especially if you wrap multiple layers of it around the object. This makes it hard to figure out what something is when you’re unpacking, so you should label each item by putting a piece of masking tape on the outside of the bubble wrap.

If you want to be even more efficient with bubble wrap, try buying envelopes padded with bubble wrap. These are perfect for books, DVDs, video games, or pretty much anything that is flat. They are easy to seal and open later on when you are unpacking, so if you have these available to use, you definitely should.

After you have everything wrapped in bubble wrap, you should add extra cushion in the box. The bubble wrap alone won’t protect your belongings all by itself. A good test to see if you need extra cushion is to close the box and shake the container. If the things move around inside, you need more padding. You can use packing paper, crumpled newspaper or even clothing.

When you’re finally ready to unpack, you might have some trouble unwrapping items in bubble wrap. If you’ve wrapped them good enough, it might be tough to open them. You’re going to want to have a pair of scissors ready to cut away the tape. When you’re finally done unpacking, you can have some fun with the bubble wrap!

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