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The Shortcut to Happiness? Organized Closets!

When it comes to areas of the home that can have a lingering effect on your mood, stress levels, and overall satisfaction, closets are high up on that list. Your closet is where you store the clothing that you wear to live your life—and few things can be more annoying than a messy closet that is not conducive to getting ready. The Kingsville local movers want to help you get your home organized—especially those infamous closets! Once you get them organized, you’ll understand why it’s so important to have functional closet space.

Closets, just like “under the bed,” have a negative reputation as places to shove things to put them out of sight. If you are using these areas in this way, you are poorly utilizing these spaces! Organizing your closets is the more efficient way to store belongings, and under the bed as well. With a few pointers, you can get your closets in top shape and prevent them from becoming laden with clutter and junk.

Make it routine. Like every chore, organizing the closet is something that needs to be done habitually and on a recurring schedule. You don’t clean it once and then think it will stay that way! Get in the habit of deep cleaning a few times per year, and light maintenance once per month. This will help you rotate out of season items and also purge things you are no longer interested in keeping or wearing.

Sort everything into piles:




Some items you will know hands down you want to keep. Some items might need a little thought process, and others you will wonder why you still own. This is why it is important to constantly take inventory of what you have! Not sure on whether to keep or ditch? Ask yourself a few questions:

-When is the last time that you wore this item?

-Do you frequently (or always) pass it up in favor of wearing something else?

-Does it make you feel good?

Answering these questions honestly should help you come to the conclusion that you are looking for. Remember, the goal is not to collect things for the sake of having them—it’s to only own things you truly love and that make you happy.

This strategy does not appeal only to clothing. When going through your linen closets, check out the state of the towels and sheets you are keeping. Anything stained, even after several washes, can be tossed. Incomplete sheet sets can be donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, as well as old and matted towels that you no longer want. New towels are a small investment that is quite significant—considering you use these items daily after bathing, you should have nice towels that are fluffy and cozy. This is a time when quality definitely wins over quantity.