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Moving Timeline

The local residential movers in Texas know how stressful a move can be. As a leading Portland, Texas moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage has years of experience working with families and companies through a variety of moves. From extensive experience, they have developed a timeline to better help you remain organized and calm during such a stressful time. Check out this timeline below before your upcoming move.

T-8 Weeks Until Your Move:

This is your time to organize all your belongings and paperwork. Keep all your paperwork and notes in one place. The last thing you need during a move is to scramble around looking for paperwork you misplaced. This week also gives you adequate time to go through your household goods and pull out items you want to donate or sell at a yard sale. With ample time, you can easily organize a yard sale in your neighborhood. If you are considering hiring a moving company, this is the time to do your research. Picking a moving company requires extensive research to ensure they are credible. The Portland, Texas moving company suggests looking up a moving company’s DOT license number and reading reviews to ensure you are contracting a reliable moving company.

T-7 Weeks Until Your Move:

The time has come for packing. By now you should have a good idea of the items you are taking to your new home, and where in your new home you want certain items. Gather all the packing supplies you may need for your move. If you hire residential movers in Texas, find out if they supply you with moving supplies prior to purchasing extra. The local Portland, Texas moving company suggests you begin packing a box a day so you are not overwhelmed at the end.

T-6 Weeks Until Your Move:

Begin gathering any personal information or paperwork you will need to take with you to your new home. You can request your medical records from doctors, optometrist, and dentist to be sent to your new doctors. Notify schools and jobs of your address change. Request your child’s school records and begin the enrollment process at their new school. The human resources office at your place of employment should also be notified of the address change.

T-5 Weeks Until Your Move:

This week is your chance to catch up on any errands you may have missed in the past few weeks. Also, if you have not yet hired professional residential movers in Texas, do so now. Give your local movers a call and confirm a date and time for your move. Scheduling movers too close to your move date can result in higher prices.

T-4 Weeks Until Your Move:

With an official move-in date you can begin scheduling cut off dates and transfer dates for your homes utilities.

T-3 Weeks Until Your Move:

Plan ahead to consume any opened food items you do not want to move, or things in the freezer. If your new home is unfurnished, moving an empty fridge is much easier than a fridge full of food. File an official change of address on the USPS website and any other institutions that need to be notified.

T-2 Weeks Until Your Move:

Finish your packing and find arrangements to have your new home cleaned prior to arriving.

T-1 Week Until Your Move:

At this point, everything should be packed and you should be living out of a suitcase packed with all the essentials. Confirm all your arrangements with the cleaning company and your local Portland, Texas moving company.

T-1 Day Until Your Move:

Defrost your fridge and double check your home for any items that may have been forgotten.

Moving Day:

Coordinate with your residential movers in Texas to ensure all boxes have been placed in the correct rooms, and advise them of any boxes of items they need to be extra cautious with. Your essentials suitcase should hold you over until the next day to begin unpacking. Enjoy your new home!