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House Hunting in Corpus Christi During the Holidays

With Halloween just wrapping up, it is officially the holiday season! The holidays are an exciting time for most families since it is a time that we all get to spend together and enjoy each other’s company. However, if you have decided to stop house hunting so that you can enjoy the holiday season, you may want to reconsider.

Realtors across Corpus Christi, as well as Corpus Christi movers, will tell you that there is no better time to go house hunting in Corpus Christi other than during the holidays. Why? There are so many reasons why, and All My Sons Moving & Storage has outlined some of the most important things that house hunting families and individuals should know.

1. The Housing Market. The housing market took a turn for the worse back in 2008, but just eight years later, it has made such a huge comeback it’s like Garth Brooks is going on tour again. Houses are selling above their asking prices and potential buyers are having to actually have bidding wars in order to have a shot at getting the house they want. By listing your home for sale during winter, you can actually get a higher amount of money for your home, contrary to popular belief.

2. Lower Competition. For those who are looking to buy, house hunting in Corpus Christi during the holidays is a great way to have lower competition on the house that you want. Sure, there may be less homes listed for sale, but your chances of actually buying can be much greater.

3. Getting a Better Deal.  If you are house hunting in Corpus Christi during the holidays, try to see which homes have been listed since the prime summer months. The houses that have been sitting longer are usually steals during the winter because the seller will be what is known to realtors as a “motivated seller.” These sellers are more eager to get their home sold fast since there is not a lot of people biting at the bait during winter. Because of this, if you offer them a price they can’t refuse, they will be more than likely to close before the New Year.

4. Taxes. Most buyers who are house hunting only think about finding a home they love, making sure that they can afford it and be approved by the bank, and make sure that their bid gets approved. However, a major factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the taxes that you will have to pay on the property, as well as interest. If you close on a house during the holiday season, you are able to claim the purchase on your taxes for that year, as well as pay very little interest for that year. The later in the year that you close, the least amount of interest accrues and has to be paid.

5. Moving Costs. Just like the housing market, the moving industry is slower during the fall and winter holiday months. Why? Well, it is not a whole lot of fun to move while it is snowing or during freezing temperatures depending on where you live, but it is also because not a lot of peoples’ leases are ending, and not a lot of people are buying homes during those months. All are factors that you can use to your advantage. Corpus Christi movers can let you in on a little secret: since not a lot of people are moving during the holiday months – prices are cheaper. Not only are moving costs cheaper, you can rest easy knowing that your movers have much more time to put into your single move, giving it more care and precision.

So, if you were house hunting during the summer and gave up for the winter, it’s time to reconsider! Go online or contact your realtor and just see what is listed, tour some homes, and you could get the best Christmas gift ever!