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Helping Your Children Cope With the Stress of Moving to Corpus Christi

There are many reasons to pick up your family and move. Maybe you need to move into a bigger home or maybe you’re downsizing. Many families make big moves because one or both parents have a different job. If an elderly grandparent needs support, the family may move closer to that family member. Other major life changes can also prompt a move – either across town or much, much further. There are plenty of reasons motivating a move, but one thing is sure – the whole family can feel stressed and troubled during this time. What can you do to relieve stress? Use the following tips to make things easier from the moment you announce the move to the moment when you wave good-bye to your Corpus Christi movers.

Identify Concerns

Pinning down the most troubling issues can be a good way to help your family. Your children may be worried about a new school. They may also be concerned about leaving behind good friends or wondering how or if they will make new friends. Changes in the assignment of bedrooms, new methods of getting to school, and living away from relatives can all lead to added stress. Concern about pets and personal belongings are also common concerns for children during the move. As an adult, you may be able to recognize those things that are worrying you, but your little ones may have a harder time putting their feelings into words.

A good way to help your children verbalize their concerns is to sit down and talk about the move. Ask your children about their concerns and questions. Take the time to patiently answer those questions and invite the little ones to come to you when they have more questions and concerns.

Get to Know the New Neighborhood

Another great step to take is to gather information and pictures, when possible, about the new home and neighborhood. Find out the name of any schools your children will attend. Print out a map of the community and label your home, the library, the movie theater, and other buildings pertinent to your family. If you have the opportunity to visit the new home, new teachers, or new schools, this can go a long way to reducing the stress that your children are experiencing.

Involve the Children in the Move

One last suggestion is to involve your child in the moving process. Enlist their help in sorting through belongings for a yard sale. Let the kids pack boxes, label them, and decorate them. Have the children help you to plan a neighborhood good-bye party, giving the whole family the chance to reminisce. Take photos of favorite friends and places. Gather addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from everyone with whom you and your children would like to stay in touch.

When the day finally comes and your Corpus Christi movers prepare to transport you, your family, and your belongings to the new home, let your children know that it is okay to feel bad. There may be time for crying and for hugs good-bye. Hopefully, there will also be a sense of excitement and anticipation. Be sensitive to your children’s emotions. In the end, if your children are comfortable with the move, you are bound to have an easier time with it as well.