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How to Get Rid of Stuff Before Your Corpus Christi Move

Whether you are making a long distance move or moving across the neighborhood, there is a lot of cleaning and packing and boxing up to do. You can simplify the process, however, by determining from the beginning that you are going to take as little as possible with you. After all, with fewer belongings, you’ll be able to pack faster and there will be fewer boxes for your Corpus Christi movers to haul. In the end, you can save time and money by weeding out some of those things that aren’t really that important to you.

In order to really trim down on the stuff that you pack for your move, begin by going through each room and splitting everything into three categories. If you really want to keep it, then pack it into a box. Everything else can be donated to a thrift store or thrown away. Before you pack anything into a box, though, make sure that it does not fall into any of the following categories.

Items That Sit in Storage

As you scan through your kitchen cabinets, the back of the linen closet, and in the garage, you are sure to come across many things that have not been used within the last two years. If you have a great juicer that you have been meaning to use, but haven’t, then don’t take it with you. Are you hanging on to old clothes, waiting to fit into them or thinking that they will come back into fashion? You don’t need to lug those things with you. Donate those appliances that you haven’t used. Share the old clothing. Weed out anything that holds a permanent spot in storage.

Old, Broken, and Unwanted

Many people have broken appliances, old paint from years ago, and unwanted gifts that were never even opened. If you don’t want those things in your current home, then you won’t want them in your new home either. Rather than paying someone to transport those items, just get rid of them. You will be happier in the end.

Duplicate Items and Incomplete Sets

For whatever reason, many people hang on to multiple copies of the same book or stockpile tools. As you go through your belongings, trim down to just one open ended wrench. Let go of the extra copies of your favorite novel. Reduce the number of mugs you have in the cupboard.

When it comes to sets of silverware, puzzles with missing pieces, random construction materials, and the like, be ruthless. You can get rid of those mismatched curtains, single socks, and books without their covers.


Obviously, you need to have clothes to wear. You don’t want to get rid of everything, but many people have duplicates, clothes that don’t fit, and items that they just don’t like. This is one area where almost everyone can pare down. It can be hard to give up those articles of clothing that are linked to good memories, but saving them actually weighs you down in more way than one. Focus on keeping those items that you feel great when wearing and weed out the rest.

Before the Corpus Christi movers come to load up your boxes, save yourself time and money by getting rid of the stuff that you don’t really need or want. When you say good-bye to your old home, say good-bye to most of the stuff that was cluttering up that old house.