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Creating the Ultimate Sunroom

With summer just around the corner, we’re sure that you plan on being outside in the sun as much as possible. Why not plan the perfect sunroom for your home while you are at it? Your local Corpus Christi movers have put together the perfect list, to make sure that you have the best summer outside as you possibly can.

  1. Entertainment. If you have a sunroom that is inside and not exposed to the conditions outside, then why not invest in an entertainment zone? Add touches like a TV, a stereo, and a couch. Before you know it, your home will be the go-to hangout spot for all of your friends and family.
  2. Living Space. Adding a sunroom to your home will immediately give your home a larger feel and open it up to your backyard space. Not to mention, the natural light that the sunroom will add to your home will ensure that it always looks its best, and will brighten the mood of your entire home. Just decorate your sunroom in the same style as the rest of your house, so that it adds an overall larger feel to your home.
  3. Nooks. Dedicate a small space of your sunroom to adding a table and chairs for the perfect outdoor dining space. It is ideal for having friends and family over for small gatherings, and even just enjoying a cup of tea and reading the paper in the morning.
  4. Wall Space. If your sunroom has two entrances and you find yourself only using one of them, then convert one of the doors into a spot to hang wall art or place a sofa. That way, you won’t lose any valuable wall space and limit the design potential of your sunroom.
  5. Formal. If your home has more of a traditional and classic feel, then a laid-back sunroom may not go with the general feel of the home. Add touches of classic furniture; such as: a rug, coffee table and drapes for more of an indoor, classic vibe. You can even add a chandelier to your sun room for an instant upgrade.
  6. Pattern. Getting tired of the way that your sunroom is decorated? Tiny changes such as adding a slipcover to your couch or switching out your accent pillows and throws, can immediately upgrade the design and appeal of your sunroom. Not to mention, all of these additions are incredibly easy to throw in the wash.
  7. Sturdy Furniture. What if the windows of your sunroom are only screened? Make sure that you invest in sturdy furniture that are able to withstand the elements; such as: wind, moisture or sun. Wicker furniture is always a popular selection for outdoor living spaces and is also practical for lasting a long time.