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Cheap Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg—with the right mindset and a little creativity you can create a chic abode on a budget. The Corpus Christi movers have compiled a list of tips to help you decorate your home for less. No one will be able to tell the décor is budget friendly, and it will be our little secret!

 Paint. A fresh coat of paint truly does wonders for waking up a sleepy and stale home. Pick a color that invokes the attitude you want in your home. Try to break away from neutrals and pick a color reflective of your personality. Not sure what color that is? Head to your closet and check out what you wear! One caveat: if you wear a lot of black, opt for gray.

Swap out a light fixture. A bright chandelier or funky recessed lighting elements can be an interesting way to breathe new life into a room. Many trendy lighting options are coming out nowadays that wake up the look of a room with modern styling and dispersed lighting options.

Another item that can change a room fairly immediately is a great new rug. Rugs can encompass more or less of a room, and they change the entire look and feel at the same time. Search discount retailers like Ross or HomeGoods for rugs that are sleek and stylish but won’t break the bank.

Mix it up. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to change your décor is by rearranging it. Move a dresser to the opposite wall or face your bed in a different direction. The newness feeling is still there without any receipts or charges to deal with.

Let nature in. Open the blinds, buy fresh flowers, let Mother Nature have a place inside your home. Bring the outside in and let the clean oxygen flow! Be sure to check which plants can flourish in direct sunlight and what their watering and maintenance needs are.

Take away the clutter! Sometimes, it isn’t what you add to the décor, it’s what you take away. Clear out clutter from your home and watch as rooms open up and invite you in.

Good luck with your decorating and remember: home décor is an ongoing effort. Do not feel the need to do everything in a day or get your home transformed in a weekend. Keep working at it and you will never tire of your home, as it will always offer something fresh!