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Alternative Uses for Uncommon Items

Wait! Before you throw away your son’s old games, make sure that you are not missing out on an opportunity to reuse it in a completely different way. The process of packing and moving is the perfect opportunity to go through what you want to keep and what you want to toss. Before you begin to get rid of possible treasures throughout your home, take a look at these packing tips for moving that will breathe new life into your old belongings.

  1. Twister Mat. Think that your kids have outgrown their old games? Well, think again because that old twister mat that has been cast aside in your garage, can also be used as a table cloth for your child’s next birthday party. It will not only add a festive pop of color, it will also not be the end of the world if someone accidentally spills some fruit punch on it.
  2. Toothbrush. While we all already knew that a toothbrush can be used to clean a wide assortment of items, have you ever thought about using it to clean your corn? If you have not already, use an extra (clean!) toothbrush to get rid of all of those annoying threads of silk hanging after shucking corn. The toothbrush will get rid of all the unwanted strings without ruining your corn.
  3. Toilet Paper Tube. Ever feel like no matter how many hair ties you buy, they all seem to keep disappearing? Well, put a stop to this problem indefinitely - by saving a couple of your toilet paper tubes and using them to wrap all of your elastic bands around. Voila!
  4. Coasters. It’s normal to go through decorating phases and to outgrow certain styles of interior design. If you plan on completely redoing the look and feel of your new home upon moving, then make sure to save your old coasters. You can even save cardboard coasters from restaurants you stop at during the move – just punch a hole along the edge and thread some ribbon through it for a charming gift tag.
  5. Chalk. Don’t have any need for chalk now that you are opting for a white board in your new home? Well, use your unwanted chalk to absorb moisture when storing your most precious silver. Just wrap a few pieces of chalk in a thin cloth, and store them with your good silverware to halt any tarnishing during packing and moving.
  6. Vegetable Oil. While you may have decided to switch to cooking with olive oil, that does not mean that your vegetable oil is completely useless. Not only can you use it to shine your leather goods (think leather shoes, bags and jackets), it will also get rid of any dirt you may pick up along the way.