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4 Tips to Protect Your Valuables When Moving To Corpus Christi

Are you moving to Corpus Christi? Our specialty packers are trained to deal with items that are of high value or fragile. Every home we visit has a fair share of fragile items; it could be kitchen items or collectables. All My Sons Moving & Storage teams are trained to be efficient and careful no matter what we are packing and transporting.

We are trained to pack and move everything from mirrors and vanities to Ming Vases and Grand Pianos. It’s what we do! We have the best packing products in Corpus Christi to protect your valuables for the big move. Here are four tips that you can do to help protect your valuables during the move.

  1. Have an organized plan

    Make sure you have a packing plan when moving to Corpus Christi. Give yourself time and think through the process. Make an inventory of all your items and categorize them so you know which items need special attention. This way when it comes time to box everything up, you know the items that need to be packed together and are not forced to mismatch fragile and non-fragile items.

  2. Wrap everything up!

    When moving to Corpus Christi, make sure you wrap up all your belongings when you pack them! All My Sons offers a full inventory of packing products in Corpus Christi to ensure all your items make it through the move in one piece. Wrap your valuables like dishes, glasses, vases, picture frames and more in packing paper and bubble wrap. Fill in the gaps between items in each box with newspaper to make sure the contents don’t bump together and get damaged during the move.

  3. Pack Smart

    After reviewing your packing plan, make sure you pack smart. When you pack up your boxes, make sure to put your heavier items at the bottom of the box and fill in the top with lighter items. For small, fragile items, pack them in their own box and add that small box to the larger one to ensure it does not get misplaced. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold your heavier items and won’t break under the weight of your packed belongings.

  4. Label, label, label

Make sure you label your boxes to ensure your movers are careful with your valuables. “Fragile” or “This End Up” are clear indications that the contents of the box need to be handled with care. Colored tape is a great way to differentiate what’s in each box without having to write it out on every box. Make blue tape kitchen supplies, red tape as fragile decorations or china, yellow tape clothing and bedding, etc. This will also make the unpacking process easier as you’ll know which boxes go where.

If you are moving to Corpus Christi, these tips should help protect your valuables and eliminate some of the stress from your moving day. Don’t have the packing products you need? Give us a call today- we offer a range of packing products in Corpus Christi to support your move.