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How to Transform Your Home into A Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the holiday season! The Colorado Springs movers of All My Sons Moving and Storage wish you and your family happy holidays! The holidays are a joyful time to spend time with your loved ones. Whether you just moved to Colorado Springs or are planning to relocate in the near future, our pros share a few ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland.


Gather Holiday Candles to Make Your Home Cozier

Incorporating holiday candles is an excellent way to transform your home into a winter wonderland. The holiday season is notorious for advertising the coziest scents. Candles have a special way of making your house feel cozy and warm during the wintertime. Our residential Colorado Springs movers urge you to discover your signature fragrance for the wintertime. 

Sweet Scents

Dessert-smelling candles are always popular during the holiday season. If you like the smell of fresh holiday cookies, gingerbread or cinnamon, then you should fill your home with a sweet scent. 

Masculine Fragrances

Masculine scents with notes of mahogany and musk are popular during the wintertime. People enjoy the strong odors of wood-burning with a rustic feel around this season.

Woodsy and Natural Traces 

In Colorado Springs, our winters can become very frigid and compel you to stay indoors. This time of year is famous for its change in nature. If you are interested in a woodsy and natural fragrance, check out candles with notes of woods, pine needles and spiced cloves.


Make your Home Sparkle with String Lights 

One of the most popular ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland is to put up various lights. According to our local Colorado Springs movers, holiday lights add sparkle and brightness to any spot in your house. You can use lights to add a pop of something special in your kitchen, living room and even your bedroom. String lights can also be added outside too, in your trees and various shrubs. Another great way to transform your home into a winter wonderland is by incorporating colorful styles of string lights. Adding enchanting lights can give the room a warm glow and make it feel cozier. Make sure you get creative with your placement! There is no right or wrong place to hang lights this holiday season. Just remember, string lights are one of the best holiday home décor ideas. 


Add Real or Faux Greenery Throughout Your Home

Scattering fake greenery throughout your home is one of the greatest ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland. By incorporating greenery around your house, you are bringing in natural elements of the wintertime. You can add real or faux greenery in your living room, dining room, kitchen and all over your home. Our Colorado Springs long-distance movers recommend scattering fake greenery on your dining table and kitchen counters to act as a centerpiece for your guests. You could even add fake snow around the greenery to add a little more winter to your wonderland. Get creative with your placement and have fun decorating your home! 

Good luck transforming your home into a winter wonderland. Our team of movers wishes you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season. From our family to yours, happy holidays!