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Located just a few miles outside Memphis, Collierville is a small town with a lot going on. Its history predates the civil war, with two battles and a few skirmishes taking place within its borders. Collierville is one of those places that takes its growth and prosperity seriously, as there is always some kind of renovation project going on. Although it is located a few miles from Memphis, Collierville is the perfect image of what small town America looks like.

Moving has never been so easy. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Collierville specializes in making your move as effortless as possible. There is one thing that being in business for over 20 years has helped us accomplish - we know how to make your move simple. We’ve been in business for four generations, and each generation has gotten better than the one before it. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on treating each move like it is our family. Our slogan “let our family move yours” is not just catchy, it’s a way of life.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Collierville provides you with a number of services. We have trained professionals that can come to your home, examine your belongings, and give you an estimate and a game plan for how your move is going to play out. From there, you can choose to have our movers pack up your belongings, or you can do it yourself. We can quilt-pad wrap furniture, you have the option to leave your clothes in your dresser, and we can even disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Whether you are looking for movers who do it all, or just need some help with the heavy lifting, we’re here to help.

After packing up your belongings, we can take them to your new destination or we can store them for you. With our storage facilities, low rates, and short or long term options, you can rest assured knowing that you have nothing to worry about when you move with us.

Moving to Collierville, or the areas around it, has never been so simple. And don’t let our local moving locations deter you, we also do national and international moves. If you are looking to move, whether it is from Memphis to Collierville, or from Collierville to Timbuktu, give us a call!

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