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How to Organize Your Home After Moving

Congrats, you did it! All the stress of packing, planning, and making sure you are all set to move has finally paid off. While you may be relieved that you don’t have to move again, there is a new challenge: where to start unpacking and organizing all your belongings. Our Cleveland local movers are here to help by sharing a few simple steps to organize your home after moving.


Don’t Delay the Unpacking Process

We have all been guilty of leaving moving boxes unpacked in the rooms for months. The boxes just collect dust and you repeat the mantra of “I will get to it tomorrow” in your mind. But tomorrow turns into 3 months later. Dedicate a specific time, perhaps a weekend, to get to all the boxes you have yet to unpack. If you need help, ask friends or family, just make sure to reward them with dinner afterwards (now that your plates and other kitchen items are unpacked) as a “thank you” for their hard work.

The first step to organizing after moving is unpacking those moving boxes as soon as possible. With each moving box set up in their respective rooms, it will be easier to organize certain items since you won’t have to hunt for them around the house.

Don’t have friends or family in the area? Our Cleveland packing service has got you covered! Our Ohio movers are trained experts in not just packing up your belongings but making sure to help you unpack in the new house as well.


Start with Larger Items

When you begin unpacking, you want to make sure larger items are unpacked first. This includes beds, dressers, and other furniture Have your professional movers unload the larger items into the rooms where they belong and then assemble. Once the larger items are completed you may move to smaller items such, clothes, dishes, accessories, and other such things.


Children’s Rooms Goes Next

Do you have children? Make sure their rooms get done first once you are unpacking. When you want to organize after a move, you want to ensure that your child has a room set up for them. Often after a move, children tend to have anxiety about all the commotion and their new, unfamiliar environment. With their new room set up how they like it, you can help ease their discomfort. Let them organize their room how they prefer; it will give them the chance to feel as if they have a say in this move and it helps them get excited about the new change. Another advantage of allowing them the freedom to organize their room is that while they work independently on their room, you have a bit of time to organize the rest of the house in peace. When your child’s room is organized after moving, they will be able to occupy their time with their books and toys while you continue organizing your home.


Decoration Comes Last

The last step to organize after moving is probably everyone’s favorite part, what they envision the exciting aspects of moving – decorating! After focusing on accommodating all the necessary items, especially the ones you use daily, and making sure everything has its place, it’s time for the fun part. Style your bookshelves, hang artwork and photographs on the walls, lay out area rugs, set up your table or floor lamps, or hang your curtains. The possibilities are endless. Want a great tip when it comes to decorating? Have some comfy blankets and dim lighting to make the place feel cozy, light some candles and celebrate a new beginning. Once everything is complete you should start feeling at home in the new place.  

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