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Moving Long Distance with Fish

Moving with pets can be a hassle, and moving with fish is even trickier. To move with fish locally is not too difficult, but sometimes fish owners have to handle to daunting task of moving long distance. Yikes! You can consider selling your fish prior to moving and acquiring new fish upon setting up the tank at your new home after your moving day, but sometimes fish owners develop an attachment to their fish which makes replacing the prized swimmers not an option.To simplify your fish moving game plan, your movers here suggest consulting a local aquarium prior to your moving day to discuss all of your specific needs as they apply to the colony of fish in your tank. Your specific needs will vary, but there are several basic essentials that you will surely need to consider in preparation for moving your fish.
  • It is important to know how long of a trip your fish will be taking to get to your new home. It is also important to have the tank ready for your fish upon their arrival. A popular option for moving long distance with fish is to board with your local aquarium. As moving tends to be a bit traumatic for fish, a low-stress atmosphere is very ideal for your fish while they wait to be welcomed to their new home.
  • As we are discussing long distance moves with fish, when it comes to shipping the fish to your new home, flying is likely your best option. As fish become too stressed to eat while being moved, the shortest trip possible is the best bet. A discussion with experts at your local aquarium regarding your shipping options should enable you to make the best decisions based on the well-being of your fish and, of course, your moving budget.
  • Breaking down the tank should be done carefully. Plants may be best transported in plastic bags or buckets so that they may remain wet. Some longer distance moves may require the tank to be set up as if it were a new tank upon arrival to the new home. In this case, it may be necessary to allow the water to cycle for about a week before fish are introduced back into their home. As with all other aspects of moving your fish, your local aquarium is the best resource for information and guidance on the proper course of action.
Moving long distance is stressful, but not near as stressful on you as it is on your fish. It is extremely important to adequately prepare for moving your fish for their safety. Be sure to consult your local aquarium for advice well in advance of your move so that your gorgeous fish can continue to add beauty to your home after you move to your new house.