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Cherry Hills Village At a Glance

Cherry Hills Village is a desired area to live near Denver, a statement that was verified by the 2012 Coldwell Banker Report which ranked the top suburban areas in the United States. With essential suburban concerns like safety, amenities, quality of schools, and commuting times judged in metropolitan suburbs nationwide, Cherry Hills Village took the #1 spot, receiving a score of 1000-- the maximum amount of scored points when judging these factors.

The Cherry Hills Village is a residential suburb consisting of mostly single family homes and a vast amount of community land via parks, trails, and green space adjacent to the booming metropolis of Denver. Community events like the annual Christmas Tree Lighting are ways that the town of Cherry Hills aims to unite the residents of the area and encourages camaraderie. Much of Cherry Hills has sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, and the short commute into Denver makes it an ideal place for families and commuting professionals to purchase a home and thrive in a family-friendly area.

Named as one of the most affluent areas (#6 by Forbes Magazine) in the United States, Cherry Hills Village is noted as the ritziest suburb of Denver. The Cherry Hills Country Club (which once had Dwight D. Eisenhower as a member) has received nationwide recognition and plays host to many major golf tournaments. Famous athletes such as John Elway, Joe Sakic, and Peyton Manning own residences in Cherry Hills Village. The Wall Street Journal also wrote a piece on Cherry Hills Village as a small, semi-rural neighborhood with sprawling properties and extensive parks and trails amidst the 6 ½ square miles of Cherry Hills Village.

The Cherry Hills Village is an area that thrives on privacy while also encouraging community and it is the perfect place to raise children among horses, cattle, and the Rocky Mountains, among other appeals. Come check out the beautiful and serene Cherry Hills Village and make your move out to the Denver suburbs today!