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How to Keep Dry When Moving in The Rain

Welcome to the sunshine state of Florida, known for beaches, hot weather…and the occasional downpour that feels like a hurricane just came to town. At our Boynton Beach moving company we understand how unpredictable the weather in Florida can be and we are the professionals you can trust to move you in the rain. Curious about how you stay dry when moving in the rain? Our expert Boynton Beach movers share some tips to keep you dry when you move in the rain.


Grab Extra Towels and Garbage Bags

One of the first thing you should do if you notice it is raining on your moving day is making sure you are stocked up with all the proper towels and garbage bags to keep your floors and boxes dry. You should have towels to wipe yourself down afterwards when moving in the rain. The garbage bags can be used to keep smaller items dry when you are transporting them to the moving van or car. Don’t forget to tie the garbage bag tight so that no water leaks into the bag, especially if it has important items like electronics in it.


Invest in Plastic Boxes

Of course, the cheapest way to move is by using cardboard boxes, but if you notice a couple of days before your move date that it is going to rain or if it’s summer in South Florida (when it can rain at the drop of a hat), you should splurge a little extra money and buy large plastic bins instead. The rain will ruin your cardboard boxes the minute they get wet, causing your items to get wet as well and potentially ruined. A plastic bin can prevent this from happening and it will make a tighter seal on your box so that no rain can slip inside.


Minimize Distances

Trying to minimize the distance between you and the outside is going to be your best bet at keeping dry when moving in the rain. Ask your moving company to try and back the moving van into your garage, if you have one, or as close to your front door as possible, the less distance you have to walk to the van or to the car, you will stay a little more dry and there’s a decreased chance of slipping on a wet surface.


Wait It Out

The good news is that when you live in South Florida, the rain showers only last about an hour and a half at the max. If the weather is very bad, try waiting out the rain until it stops. Call your moving company and let them know what’s going on – communication is important to ensure a smooth moving process.


Hiring a Moving Company

At our Boynton Beach moving company, our local Boynton Beach movers have got you covered from the packing service and premium Boynton Beach packing supplies to auto movers and commercial relocation specialists. When you hire our professional movers, you can count on professionalism and top-notch customer service. We know what it takes to move in the rain, and we are trusted and secured to handle anything that comes our way. For more information regarding our full-service moving company, call our moving professionals to find out more about our affordable moving services.