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Tips to Help You Find a Doctor After Moving to Boulder

When you move to a new city, you hire professionals like our Boulder moving company, pack up your entire house, enroll the kids in a new school, and you switch utilities and other service providers like internet and cable. After the move, once you’ve settled down a bit in your neighborhood, you start to research and establish the professionals and the places you need to frequent that would eventually make up your daily life like a grocery store, a pharmacy, and even a hairstylist. Unless you’re vigilant about your heck-ups, adults often forget about their doctors, though. It is so important to find a doctor after moving to Boulder to not only make sure you’re healthy but in case anything happens. Once the local Boulder movers are finished unloading boxes and assembling the furniture, start looking for your primary care physician in the area.


Verify with Insurance Company

The first thing you want to do to find a doctor after your move to Boulder is review the list of in-network healthcare providers on your health insurance website. The list might be hidden or tricky to get to, so you can always call the insurance company and request a list of in-network providers in your area. The advantage of healthcare providers who are in the insurance company’s network is that more of your medical costs will be covered since the doctor and the insurance company have a contract. Out-of-Network providers do not have a contract with your insurance company so you would have to pay a larger portion of your medical bills out of pocket. There are some in-network doctors, however, that only take specific plans from certain insurance companies, so instead of settling on one doctor, have a few backups just in case. Call each doctor on your list and confirm that your plan is accepted.


Recommendations from Medical Professionals

The easiest and most recommended way to find a doctor after moving to Boulder is to ask your previous doctor. Doctors are assigned their residency all over the country and have worked with other medical professionals in many cities so they might know a doctor in the city where you are moving. Another valuable (and likely more honest) source in the medical field are the nurses. If the doctor(s) you are researching is affiliated with certain facilities, ask the nurses in those facilities. Nurses deal with the nitty-gritty of the medical field and will have no qualms giving you their honest opinions about the doctors they have worked with, not only regarding their skills as a medical professional but their bedside manners as well.


Ask Friends and Co-Workers

Besides asking your old primary care physician, co-workers and new friends are also places to start. Depending on what your preference is (male or female doctor), word-of-mouth recommendations can help! Be wary, though. Your new friends and co-workers may have just gone to one doctor and were satisfied, but it can be hard deciphering whether or not the physician is good enough if the issue was simple to begin with. It’s a great place to start, but you should definitely research their credentials online and follow the advice outlined above to find a doctor after moving to Boulder.


Always Trust Your Gut

Different people will respond in their own unique way to the same doctor. While one person may be comfortable with a doctor, another person may not be. If you scheduled an appointment, you’re sitting in the exam room, and you feel uncomfortable or something just doesn’t feel right, you should leave. Your primary care physician should be someone you can confide in. You reveal your vulnerabilities and trust that they will listen and offer the best care to help you stay healthy. Your health is of vital importance and you should be confident in your healthcare provider.


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