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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving to Boulder

When it comes to moving, everyone has their own way of completing the task. Some people like to wait until the last minute and scramble to finish packing, and some choose to pack and plan weeks ahead of time to make it a little easier. Regardless of your packing style, if you are moving to Boulder and hiring a professional moving company, they do have numerous tips to consider in order to make packing simpler.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Boulder is a top moving company with over 25 years of experience completing both large-scale residential moves and corporate moves to Boulder, Colorado. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the moving industry has helped move thousands of families and businesses, and below is our ultimate packing guide for moving to Boulder.

Create a plan – For a smooth move, Boulder movers and packers always recommend that you have a plan for your move. Your plan should consist of a timeline for packing everything in your home, as well as duties that you need to complete before moving day.

Create a list – Make a list of all utilities, services, subscriptions, and records that you need to transfer, have cancelled, or have switched to your new address. This should include financial aspects like credit cards, mortgage and insurance policy information, school records, dental and medical records, electric, water, telephone, television service, postal address, and driver’s license.

Research – Not every Boulder mover is a licensed professional. Do ample research on at least five moving companies, choose three, then have each come to your home to give you a free, accurate, in-home moving estimate.

Set your moving date – Make sure that your moving date is one that works well with your schedule, and have it approved by the Boulder moving company that you chose.

Sort through your belongings – After completing all of the steps above, the very first task you should complete is to sort through all of your belongings and decide what you are absolutely moving with you and what you can toss. Downsizing is one of the best things you can do to save money on your move to Boulder.

Gather packing supplies – If you are not hiring a full-service mover and packer who comes equipped with moving boxes and supplies, at least two weeks prior to your move you should start gathering boxes.

Packing – There are two options for packing your home in an efficient manner; packing room by room or packing by itemizing belongings in your home, such as all electronics, all clothing, all linens, all kitchen plates, etc.

Don’t use garbage bags - You should ultimately try to avoid using garbage bags for your move altogether; however, if you are packing things like throw pillows, bedding, and even ladies’ handbags, purchase the thicker, heavy duty garbage bags that won’t tear.

Label everything – Labeling is extremely important so that you know exactly what is in each box, how it should be stacked in the moving truck, and where it should be placed once it arrives at your new residence.

Loading the truck – When moving to Boulder without the help of local Boulder movers, make sure that you properly load the moving truck you rent. Place the heavier items on the bottom so that you can stack lighter items and boxes on top.

With the help and advice from local moving companies like All My Sons, your move to Boulder, Colorado does not have to be the number one stressor in your life. We have plenty of moving tips to assist your move and make it the happy life event that it should be.