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Summertime Activities in Boulder

Boulder is known for the snow, there’s no doubt about that. But this city isn’t a one trick pony.

Summertime in Boulder Colorado is filled with as many adventures and outdoor activities as you would find in the winter. The Colorado landscape is known for its breathtaking beauty and those rather large and jagged cliffs called the Rocky Mountains. The best party about using your Boulder long distance movers is that the mountains are accessible for both winter and summertime activities.

With summertime just around the corner, your Boulder long distance movers want to give you a few tips on how to have fun this summer - after you get your house setup that is.

Flatiron Trail – Did we mention breathtaking beauty in this article yet? We might have to do it again just for the Flatiron Trail. This is a nature trial that some reviewers have even said will put you back in touch with nature on a deeply personal level. With such a bold statement, you will quickly realize why after taking a quick look at the pictures of this beautiful spot. Summertime camping in Boulder has never been prettier.

Outdoor Tours – Not limited to just the Flatirons, there much more summertime activities in Boulder such as bike tours, hiking trails, and even Segway tours. During the wintertime in Boulder, you’re skiing, and during summertime activities in Boulder you can expect to be gliding on the same paths in a Segway. Needless to say, everyone in Boulder likes to go down hills very quickly. 

Fiske Planetarium – So this old rock we’re on called Earth tilts on its axis, which means summertime star gazing gives you a view of some different stars. So if you’ve already checked out the Fiske Planetarium over winter break, it’s time for you to go back this summer and do some summertime star gazing in Boulder.

Table Tours – All those hibernating people in Boulder have come out - and they are hungry. Local table tours are a fun way for the foodies to cheat on their diets and say it was all for research! Summertime food in Boulder is delicious; you’ll be diving into sushi and tacos all while washing it down with some cocktails.

Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory – In the winter you’ll pine for a hot cup of tea, steaming and fresh, while in the summertime you will want ice tea in a cool sweating glass. The Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory is the largest tea manufacturer in North America, serving 1.6 billion cups of tea to thirsty patrons all over the world every year. One thing is for certain, you definitely will not have any trouble when choosing what drink to cool down with after a day filled with summertime activities in Boulder.

On behalf of everyone from All My Sons Boulder long distance movers, have a great summer in Boulder!