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Summer vs. Winter Moves

Would you rather be hot or cold?

Freezing winters or blazing summers—both pose challenges and benefits to movers. Whether you prefer a brisk walk in the mountains or a warm swim at the beach, your preferences may change when it comes to moving.

Your Boulder movers are here to give you the facts on the difference between summer moves and winter moves. If you decide to go with a summer move or opt for a winter move, instead, make your move to Boulder with the help of the moving experts.


Summer vs Winter Moves Infographic


Summer Move


The beach, lemonade, Fourth of July, and moving? If this sounds like your ideal summer, you aren’t alone. Statistics show that peak moving season is May through September. This is the main difference between summer moves and winter moves: the number of individuals moving. This means that rates are much higher since more people are choosing a summer move. Not to mention, moving company availability is harder to find, as well. Take into account the heat and increased amount of traffic, too. If you’re making your move to Boulder or to somewhere warmer like Dallas, this is especially important.


If you have no choice but to make your move in the summer, do not fear. A summer move to Boulder comes with plenty of benefits. For one, if you have a family, school is out for the summer. You won’t have to worry about the kids missing too many days and having to catch up on homework, especially on those terrible algebra equations. Also, if you have a collection of antiques, glassware, or even instruments, the warmer climate makes for a better move for them. Summer is filled with longer days, too, so you may be able to accomplish more work in less time – every Type A personality’s dream.


Winter Move


Do snow, ice, and flurries sound better to you? If yes, then a winter move is perfect for you. Unfortunately, few people would say yes to such conditions while moving their entire life to a new location. If you decide to make your move to Boulder in the winter, be prepared for cold and unpredictable weather. Days are shorter, as well, meaning that it may take a few days longer to move during winter than it would in the summer.


A winter move comes with its fair share of benefits, though, especially if you’re more concerned about the financial aspects of your move. The off-season for moving is November through January. This means that rates are much lower, and dates of availability are much easier to find since less people are making a winter move. Also, if you happen to be a candle connoisseur, you’re in luck. Winter moves are best for those objects which may be negatively impacted due to the heat and humidity of a summer move.


Your All My Sons Boulder movers are here to help you, during whichever time of move you decide on. Your experts will be with you through the winter snowstorm and the summer thunderstorm – take your choice.