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Moving With an Aging Parent

Moving can be a stressful time, whether it's your first or tenth move, and whether you're in your early twenties or later in life. However, when you are also faced with the prospect of moving with an aging parent, there are even more challenges to consider. Not all Boulder movers may have the skills to help you successfully handle this situation, but All My Sons of Boulder can provide the professionalism you're looking for to help you move with an aging parent. Here are three factors to consider prior to the move.


1. Your Parent Is Resistant


A common reason that elderly parents need to move from their current home is due to their physical limitations and the difficulties that the home presents for their mobility. For example, a parent may no longer have the ability to navigate a staircase or keep up all the yard work they once tended to so diligently. Especially with parents who have always been very independent, the reality that they must move to a different, smaller home or even a nursing home can cause a great deal of resistance. Having regular conversations can help adult children avoid the difficulties that come with a sudden move due to an accident or fall. Open lines of communication can keep the family on the same page so that when it's time to move, Boulder movers can do their job.


2. Advance Planning


At this time in their lives, your aging parents will probably need to downsize even further, especially because their new home or facility may not be large enough to house all of their current possessions, or may not permit them to bring all of their things. This can be another difficult aspect to tackle, but it's an essential one prior to a move. Planning in advance how much the new residence can reasonably accommodate can also help Boulder movers prepare an accurate estimate of your moving costs. One helpful way to plan for the move is to work together with your parent on a floor plan of the new space and visually decide in advance where current furnishings will go.


3. Leaving the Current Residence


While much of the focus in moving centers around where your parent is going, there are many details that also must be handled and wrapped up with regards to the residence that they're leaving. Arrangements will need to be made about what to do with the home itself, based on whether it's a property that your parent owns or rents. Once Boulder movers come in and pack the items that are heading to the new residence, the home will need to be prepared for its new owners or to be put on the market. These are all considerations that you can address with siblings, other relatives or friends who are willing to help you. 


Moving with an elderly parent is an emotionally charged experience as well as one that can be physically demanding and logistically challenging. Luckily you don't have to do it all by yourself. You can take a big weight off of your already burdened shoulders by enlisting the help of Boulder movers to alleviate the stress and physical exertion of packing and moving all of your aging parent's belongings to their new space.