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How to Make Friends in Boulder

Home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, Boulder, Colorado is a city that is surrounded by nature and filled great food and many opportunities and chances for you to make friends. Our Boulder movers have got the insider tips you can use to make friends in a new city.



One of the best ways to make friends in Boulder is to join several volunteering organizations currently located in the city. Volunteering is way for you to meet people outside of the norm such as the gym or bar and it is also a way for you to connect with others who have common interests. Downtown Boulder hosts a summer concert every year where you can try signing up to help set up the event or give out tickets. If you love animals, you can volunteer at animal shelters, a ranch that takes care of horses, or even the zoo! If this isn’t your thing, find something you love and look for a local organization, they are always looking for people to help.


Bars, Breweries, & Distilleries

Boulder is known for some of the best local craft beer breweries in Colorado. To help support the local businesses and if beer is your thing, our Boulder local movers recommend checking out the breweries in your vicinity and just striking up conversations. If spirits such as whiskey or vodka are more your speed, the distilleries in the area will often host tastings so you can try different varieties and discover new flavors and make friends with others who share a similar interest. Boulder also features several vineyards for locals to enjoy. Local bars are so varied, often standing out if the specialize with a particular alcohol, such as bourbon, which their menu is based on, which can be very intriguing to try the different cocktails. The best part about the local bars is that everyone is there in good spirits and just want to have a good time.



Boulder is surrounded by nature and with that being said, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make friends in a new city while you enjoy exploring it. You can visit the local YMCA or look up Boulder’s parks and recreation center for recommendations. There are many services, events, and groups you can join, often drawing in a large group of people to rock climb, jog, or hike on the scenic mountain trails.



If bikes and exercise are your thing, Boulder Community Cycle is a way for you to make friends in Boulder while enjoying your hobby. The community cycle is always looking for new volunteers to man the booths or for people to go and cycle in the area of Boulder. If you have never cycled before or are thinking about it, start with just simple volunteering or reaching out to the people in the area about it.


Ask Existing Friends

You would be surprised by how small the world truly is. Ask your existing friends or colleagues about anyone they know in the Boulder region and if they can introduce you. This a great place to start if you are interested in making friends in a new city and you already have a mutual connection. According to Harvard Business Review, “One of the most powerful questions you can ask is, ‘Who do you know in ______?’” In this case, the blank space is your new city, but it can also be an industry, a company, or anything you’re looking to explore. Before you move, take the time to ask many friends and colleagues if they know anyone worth meeting in your new city. Most people will be able to think of a few names. Even if each person can only think of one, you’ll still walk away with a good list of potential contacts.”


Moving to Boulder, Colorado

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