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Tips on Hiring Movers: Information! Information! Information!

Moving can be the cause of crippling stress, which in turn can cause an individual’s moving experience to be an all-out nightmare. One very common cause to moving day woes is failure to properly prepare your hired professional movers for you relocation. Hiring professional movers is smart, but on top of hiring professionals you must provide the necessary information to ensure that your moving crew arrived adequately prepared to move you quickly. Having not received proper information, you run the risk of inviting an unprepared moving crew which, despite their best efforts, can cause your price to be higher than expected. Take a look at these tips on how to properly inform your movers of the job they have ahead of them. 

Moving your home involves many factors which your moving consultant needs to know about in order to provide a realistic ball park regarding your moving day costs. Keep in mind, the moving consultant –if discussing your move over the phone– has never seen your home before. So think of every aspect of your home that you possibly can when discussing the task at hand –Stairs? Specialty items? Parking issues? Long carries? Bonus Rooms? – don’t leave any important information out or you could end up with a moving experience which is radically different than what you expected leading up to your moving day. 

Many professional moving companies even offer a complimentary in home estimate so that there are no unanswered questions regarding what lies ahead for your relocation specialists on your moving day. There is a world of difference between a moving day with well-informed thus well-prepared movers as opposed to a moving day with uninformed and unprepared movers. Which moving day would you rather have?

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